June 20, 2021


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Slovakia: Relying on experienced people

The question is actually about one hundred crore rupees. The champion team of Euro will get 10 million Euros, which is about one hundred crore rupees in Bangladeshi currency. The search for the answer to that question will start on June 11 and end on July 11. Finding the answer to this question can be easy for you if you know the details of the 24 teams going to participate in the Euro.

There are some similarities between Bayern Munich’s new coach Julian Naglsman and Stefan Tarkovic. If your inquisitive mind asks, ‘Who is Tarkovich?’, He cannot be blamed. You don’t have to know the person behind the scenes all the time. This time the responsibility of Slovakia is in the hands of this gentleman who is in the role of assistant coach of the team in Euro 2016. The coach, who ended his playing career earlier due to an injury like Nagalsaman, is now working hard to manage the team.

Slovakia’s form of football under former coach Pavel Hapal was also disgusting. After the change of coach, Ireland and Northern Ireland came to the Euros at the last minute. Tarkovic has already announced a 24-member squad for the Euros. Let’s find out about the team.

Coach Stefan Tarkovich.

Coach Stefan Tarkovich.
Photo: Twitter


FIFA ranking: 36

Those who are in the team

Goalkeepers: Martin Dubravka (Newcastle United), Marek Rodak (Fulham), Dusan Kusiak (Lechia Dansk)

Centerbacks : Milan Screenier (Inter Milan), Lubomir Satka (Lech Poznan), Denis Vavro (Wesca)

Rightback / Right Wingback : Peter Pekarik (Hertha Berlin)

Leftback / Left Wingback : Tomash Ubokan (Omnia), Yakub Holubek (Glueis)

Central midfielder / defensive midfielder : Stanislav Lobotka (Napoli), Yurayi Kutska (Parma), Patrick Rosowski (Ghent), Matush Bero (Vites Arnhem)
Attacking midfielder: Marek Hamshik (Goteborg) ), Lazlo Benes (Augsburg)

Winger / Wide Midfielder : Vladimir Vaz (Sloven Bratislava), Robert Mack (Ferrentvaros), Lukas Haraslin (Sassuolo), Eric Irca (Red Star Belgrade)

Strikers : Mishal Durish (Omnia), Robert Boznik (Feyenoord), David Strelek (Sloven Bratislava)

Stefan Tarkovich

Marek Hamshik

Best Success in Euro
Second Round (2016)

Group A rivals
Poland (June 14)
Sweden (June 16)
Spain (June 23)

The team's defense is led by Milan Screenier.

The team’s defense is led by Milan Screenier.
Photo: Twitter


The Slovakian team has two strongest points ক্ষণ defense and midfield. Former Liverpool defender Martin Skartel has been replaced by Milan Screenier, who recently won the Italian League for Inter Milan. English Premier League side Martin Dubrovka of Newcastle and Marek Rodak of Fulham will be the goalkeepers behind the defense. Although Rodak has not been able to play regularly at Fulham’s goalposts, which have been relegated from the Premier League this season, Dubravka has been Newcastle’s first-choice goalkeeper for several seasons.

There is nothing new to say about legend Marek Hamshik in the attacking midfield. Napoli’s biggest star in the post-Diego Maradona era has toured China and is now playing in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year’s Euro may be the last tournament for the 33-year-old attacking midfielder in Slovakia.

Play Hamshik?

Play Hamshik?
 Photo: Reuters

However, Hamshik’s place in the XI in the tournament is not carved out of stone at all. In addition to Hamshik, Slovakia has Tomash Suslov, also known as Spanish midfielder David Silver, as the Slovak version. Dudeo is also a contender for the Bundesliga title in FC Cologne.

Central midfielders include former AC Milan midfielder Yuri Kuchka and Napoli midfielder Stanislav Lobotka. These names are the reason why most of Slovakia’s goals come from midfield.
Hamshik, Dubravka, Duda, leftback Ubokan, rightback Pekarik, Kuchka, winger Vladimir Vice and Robert Mack, striker Mishal Durish — everyone has been playing at the top level in Europe for a long time. Their experience gives the team hope for something better.


The biggest weakness of the team is undoubtedly the absence of a striker scoring goals. Mishal Durish’s extra-time goal against Northern Ireland ensured Slovakia’s Euro play, but statistics show doubts about the striker’s ability to score. Durish has scored only 6 goals in 54 matches for the national team. This time he has scored only 2 goals in 22 matches in the league of Cyprus. Coach Tarkovich, meanwhile, has relied on the talent of young David Strelake, but doubts remain about how far he can shine on a stage like the Euros.

Slovakia's potential XI

Slovakia’s potential XI
Photo: Collected

Possible XI and play strategy (4-1-4-1)

Tarkovich has only got six matches to sort out the team since taking charge. In all but two of these matches, the team played 4-1-4-1. Slovakia can also be seen in this chart in Euro. Vavro will pair up with the screener in front of Dubravkar as the goalkeeper in the central defense. Pekarik on the right of defense and Ubokan on the left. The same goes for Napoli’s Lobotkar as a defensive midfielder. Of the four who will play as attacking midfielders and winger, Mack, Duda and Kuchkar are the most likely to play with Hamshik. Durish and Strelake will fight hard for the striker position.

The role of two centerback screeners and Vavro in defense is of two types. Going forward, snatching the ball from the opponent’s feet, removing the ball floating in the air with the head — these are the primary responsibilities of Vavro. The screenwriter’s role is to build the game with a perfect pass from behind, and tackle from behind Vavro if necessary. The lobbying work on them is to give extra security to the defense as well as to connect with the attackers.

Slovakia is in the difficult group.

Slovakia is in the difficult group.
Photo: Twitter

Almost everyone who plays as an attacking midfielder and winger likes to play inside. In that case, the role of the two fullbacks will be to help the midfielders play in the middle of the field by moving around the sideline. The main striker Durish will be seen coming down to build the game, so that attacking midfielders like Duda, Hamshik or Mack get a chance to enter the box and take shots. At the end of the match, Strelake can hurt the opponent’s breathless defense with his speed and tendency to take shots.

I know, as a player, my talents and physical abilities are limited, so I focused on coaching

Stefan Tarkovich

Expectations and realities

It’s hard to imagine Slovakia in the knockout stages, let alone Poland or Spain. Hamshikara scored half a dozen goals in 2016 against Sweden, another opponent of the group. An unfortunate incident or at least some recovery from the Sweden match হয়তো that is to say, the Slovak euro did not fare badly.