June 20, 2021


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Argentina can’t, Brazil will host the Copa

The Copa Am ফুটrica football tournament was to be held in Argentina. But due to the coronavirus, it was announced this morning that the tournament was not taking place in Argentina. Through this, the biggest football competition in the Latin region fell into uncertainty. Just 24 hours later, Conmebol announced the new host country of the Copa America. This time Brazil will host the tournament.

Conmebol confirmed the matter by tweeting, “Conmebol Copa America 2021 will be held in Brazil.” According to the previous schedule, the final of the tournament will be held on July 10 starting from June 13. The last time the five-time World Cup winner hosted the Copa America was in 2019.

Originally the tournament was supposed to be held last year. But the tournament was postponed due to the Corona epidemic. It was brought back in June this year. At first, it was a joint venture between Argentina and Colombia. But on May 20, Colombia was dropped from the hosts due to internal political unrest in their country. The 15 matches to be played in Colombia were also being discussed in Argentina at that time.

Conmebol withdrew from the tournament after Argentina lost control of Corona. They have chosen Brazil as the new venue. Interestingly, Brazil is one of the two most affected countries in the world in the Corona. So far 4 lakh 72 thousand people have died in the country. Yesterday too, more than 43,000 people were newly infected, 950 people died. Meanwhile, 347 people died in Argentina yesterday, 21 thousand 347 people were infected.