June 19, 2021


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Guardiola did not win the Champions League because of the curse of the African ‘Saman’?

Does Pep Guardiola seem to be arguing with Yaya Toure or his spokesman Dmitry Seluk? If you believe Dimitri Seluk, that’s why Guardiola is not winning the Champions League now!

Guardiola’s Manchester City lost 1-0 to Chelsea in the Champions League final at the Dragao Stadium in Porto last night. Guardiola reached the Champions League final with a team 10 years after his second and last Champions League win for Barcelona in 2011, but could not wait to win the Champions League for a club outside Barcelona.

Many are talking about the mistake of Guardiola’s strategy behind it, but the curse of ‘African goods’ in the discussion since yesterday!

The curse is based on a quote from Dmitry Seluk, Yaya Tor’s agent. Seluk said that in 2016. It was a lot like that, the African equals would never let Guardiola win the Champions League. After Guardiola’s team lost in the final the day before yesterday, Seluk’s words came up again in the discussion on social media.

The Spanish daily Marca wrote a report on this. Here is what Seluk said after losing to Leon in the quarter-finals of the 2017 Champions League. Yaya Toure did not match Guardiola in City. There was a lot of discussion and debate about this then. He left Tore City in 2016. But neither Tore nor his agent Seluk were angry with Guardiola.

In 2016, Seluk said, “Guardiola has taken the whole of Africa against him. Many Africans have turned their backs on Manchester City. And I’m sure many Africans will not allow Guardiola to win the Champions League in the future. “

There is a religious belief in Africa involving African goods. The belief is that people can use supernatural energy for good or bad.

“It will be an African curse for Guardiola,” Seluk said. Life will show for a while that I am right or wrong. The fact that Guardiola ended his career at Manchester City was not a mistake. That was a crime. But it will come back as a boomerang, Pep! You will see what African equipments can do! Remember. ‘

Celebrating Chelsea players with the Champions League trophy last night.

Celebrating Chelsea players with the Champions League trophy last night. 

Since then, Seluk’s comments have spread on social media only after Guardiola failed in the City Champions League. City lost to Lyon in the quarter-finals of the Champions League last season. Even then the words spread.

Of course, there was a reason behind the service. Seluk himself posted a picture on Twitter after City’s loss to Leon. In the picture, the African is cursing a doll, the same curse on Guardiola. Although there was a lot of criticism of Seluk’s picture then. There were allegations of racism. In addition, many city supporters advised Seluk not to make Tore’s name so bad. Many also reminded him that his pockets were heavy at one time courtesy of the city.

Guardiola’s acquaintance with you is from that Barcelona. Tore, however, was not a regular there. The Ivory Coast star then played as a defensive midfielder, replaced by Sergio Busquets. However, in the 2009 Champions League final, Guardiola played Torque as a center-back due to a number of injuries, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United beat Bar ইউনa 2-0 in that match. Then in 2010 you went to the city.

Tore, however, played as an attacking midfielder in City, where he also spent the brightest chapter of his career. But after becoming the coach of Guardiola City in 2016, the trouble started again.

Tore was 33 at the time, so Guardiola played Tore quite regularly in the first season, but never played that way again. Tore left the city in 2016 to go to Olympiacos. Having been there for a year, he now plays for Chinese Super League team Qingdao Huanghai.

During his stay in Torre City, Guardiola met Seluk several times. Celuk accused Guardiola of disliking Africans for criticizing Torque for not playing regularly. He also brought allegations of racism. Guardiola’s troubles with him escalated to the point that Guardiola once said he would not play Tore until Seluk apologized for his comments.

After leaving the city, however, Tore himself complained that Guardiola did not like Africans. Seluk once said in an interview with Sport24 that FIFA should ban Guardiola. Comparing himself to a dog, Seluk then said, ‘I can’t even call Guardiola a dog. Because the dog is a very good animal, man’s best friend. But in Guardiola’s nature, he has to be called the worst enemy of man! ‘