June 20, 2021


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This is the first time Corona has been identified in the country

This is the first time a person’s coronavirus has been detected in the Pacific island nation of Palau. The AFP news agency quoted the country’s health ministry as saying.

Palau announced the first corona identification on Monday. Authorities in Palau say the corona was first identified but did not pose a risk of transmission. Because, the corona has already become the identified person.

The Pacific island nation of Palau has an area of ​​48 sq km. The population is about 21 thousand.

Palau closed the border at the beginning of the Corona epidemic. By closing the border they are able to avoid corona infection. However, the closure of the border has caused huge losses to the country’s tourism-dependent economy.

According to the country’s health ministry, a traveler arrived in Palau early last month. After coming to Palau, Corona was identified in his body.

According to the Palau Health Ministry, the traveler was tested for corona once before arriving in Palau. The test comes negative. He was in quarantine for two weeks after arriving in Palau. At this stage his corona was tested twice. Twice his negativity comes. He was further examined at a later time. Examination showed that he had previously been infected with corona.

The Palau health ministry says the traveler who came to Palau has now been identified as Corona, who is not at risk of spreading the infection. According to the country’s health ministry, the traveler contracted the corona in January this year.

The health ministry in Palau declined to release details. Palau did not reveal the man’s name or the country he came from.

Palau authorities said the man had been isolated as part of a precaution. Those who came near him are being found out.

For a short time a Taiwanese contact was established with Palau. Palau cut off communication early last month in response to an increase in infections in Taiwan.