June 20, 2021


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Imported poppy seeds seized at Chittagong port

Customs officials seized 42,000 kg of poppy seeds before being unloaded at Chittagong port.

Ajmin Trade Center, an importer of old Dhaka, has brought this poppy seed from Malaysia in the announcement of import of mustard seeds. After confirming the matter, the customs authorities said that the poppy seeds were seized on Tuesday.

According to the import policy order, import of poppy seeds is prohibited. Poppy has been banned in many countries, including Bangladesh, for making various drugs, including opium. However, poppy seeds called poppy seeds are used as a spice in cooking in the country. But it is used as boiled.

Rezaul Karim, assistant commissioner of customs, told Prothom Alo today that the consignment was sent to the Narcotics Control Department for chemical testing after it was seized. The consignment was seized after they reported identifying it as poppy seeds. It has been seized as an import ban.

Customs officials said Ajmin Trade Center in Old Dhaka imported two containers of mustard from Malaysia. The duty was levied on April 17. The importer pays 1 lakh 42 thousand rupees duty. At that time, after receiving secret information, the customs suspended the unloading of the consignment and took the initiative of examination.

Customs officials said the consignment was sent bank 26,300 to the banking channel through a credit card for import. However, the value of the seized poppy seeds is 15 crore rupees or 16 lakh dollars.

Customs officials suspect that the extra import cost was smuggled abroad. Customs said legal action was being taken in this regard