June 20, 2021


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Expedition No. 71

Lamia was too late. He can’t guess the time on the street. At home, his mother must be scolding him. Final test ahead. He doesn’t want a drop of time to be wasted before that. Lamia came to tell her mother, I am going to bring a book to Lavanya’s house, just go and come. I will not waste so much time. Yet it was too late.

It’s pitch dark outside. It’s raining cats and dogs. The wind is blowing from time to time. Every now and then a sound of crying is floating in the air.

Lamia is walking with the book in her hands. He is not so upset. From village to village, how much is the path between them. Sometimes there is something to be afraid of! Lamia has no faith in the existence of ghosts, demons and monsters. Because, the science sir in the class proudly said one day, there is no such thing as ghost in the world. These people are just in the mouth.

The winding path of the village. He has to step very carefully. The road is slippery even though it is not muddy in the rain. If the foot becomes slippery due to inadvertence, it should be rolled in the lower paddy field while eating. It will be very difficult to get on the road again.

A few gabgacha on the right side in front. It is supposed to be dark under the trees but there is no darkness. Fireflies are burning somewhere. The light of the firefly looks exactly like the light of the stars in the sky. The matter is very surprising. There is no way without believing what you see with your own eyes.

A man is coming down from the gabgacha while making a creaking sound. Lamia is looking over there. The man walked slowly to her and stood up. Lamia looked at the man and saw that he was not there. There is a shadow standing. The idol became human again. A Normundu is hanging in his right hand. The head is moving in the air. Lamia ran with a sigh. Some went away and fell to the ground.

Lamia quickly got up from there and started running again. Munduta understands and is running after him. Suddenly the throat of someone familiar from the front. ‘Lamia, why are you running like that?’

Lamia has no desire to stop. Left-right-back সে he will not look in any direction. Go to the backyard and stop.

Again the sound floated in the air, ‘Lamia, you don’t recognize me? What a stupid girl! I am the father of your friend Mahin. You can’t be in danger where I am. ‘

Thamal Lamia. Mahin’s father came closer and said in a fearful voice, ‘What’s the matter. Why are you running so recklessly, tell me openly? ‘ Lamia told the whole story. He laughed and died on hearing the incident. ‘What are you talking about? Do you see flowers in your eyes? What makes a human skeleton hang in a man’s hand? ‘ ‘Believe me, uncle, I’m not lying a drop.’ Lamia sighed and said.

This time Kaka laughed out loud.

‘Why are you smiling like that in my time of danger, uncle?’

Uncle gently raised his right hand and said in a mysterious voice, ‘Was that so?’ Lamia, with panicked eyes, saw a human skeletal head in her hand.

This time Lamia could not shout anymore. He put his life on the line. Absolutely stumbled into his own backyard. After that there is no consciousness.

When Lamia regained consciousness, it was dawn. It’s getting a little whiter all around. And mother is leaning on her face. Next to him are father and others in the house. Mahin’s father is also there. He asked, “What happened?” Lamia did not answer the question. She stared at Mahin’s father in fear. He still holds the head in his hand. He is a school biology teacher. Today in class you will teach about human skeletons. So last night the doctor asked for it. With Lamia seen on the way.

Everyone laughed. Lamia was very ashamed. But it also understood that there is no such thing as a ghost, everything is imagination of the mind.