June 20, 2021


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All types of corona will be named in Greek letters

The World Health Organization (WHO) has taken the initiative to name the types or variants of coronavirus. Greek characters will be used for this. According to the new decision, the WHO will now use Greek characters for variants found in various countries, including the United Kingdom, South Africa and India.

According to the BBC, the WHO has named the UK variant Alpha. Similarly, the company has named variants of South Africa and India as Beta and Delta. This step has been taken to avoid the kind of controversy that has arisen over the name.

The Government of India named the species found in the country as B.1.617.2. It was available last October. But this type was referred to as ‘Indian type’. Although the term ‘Indian variant’ has never been used by the WHO.

“The name of a country should not be tarnished in identifying and naming a new strain of coronavirus,” Maria van Kerkhov, WHO’s chief technical officer for Kovid-19, said in a tweet. He also called for increasing the supply of science-based information to prevent the spread of new species. The list of names has been published on the WHO website.

Maria Van Kerkhov told STAT News that the scientific names of the variants would not be replaced by new ones. If the new type number exceeds 24, it will be renamed. Because there are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet