June 18, 2021


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20 employees are employed in the office just to take bribes!

Satkhira West Zone Power Distribution Company (Ozopadiko) has to pay a bribe to the engineer to get a new electricity connection. Otherwise no new connection is available. There are 20 employees to take the bribe money from the people to the engineers.

Although the fee for getting a new connection from this office is three thousand rupees, in reality it is seen that the general public has to pay from six thousand rupees to ten thousand rupees. The executive engineer is unable to take action for unknown reasons despite knowing about the irregularities.

The temptation to take a new meter was shown by talking to a volunteer worker who introduced the lineman who was assigned to take the bribe. He said, ‘If you don’t give extra money, your file will never pass. The application will remain in front of the sergeants but they will tell you that the file has not arrived, I am busy, come later etc. ‘

In response to the question as to who gets the share of this money, the worker said, ‘First the engineer has to share, then the sub-assistant engineer has to share, then R.E. To the master ‘.

Fearing allegations of bribery, the worker said, “Don’t kick us in the stomach.” We have only 500 rupees in our pocket. No extra pay is paid from our office.

He added that there are a total of 20 such workers in Ojopadiko, Satkhira. The sergeants only receive money through them.

However, they are also accused of suffering for months with bribe money from the people.

Billal Hossain of Machkhola village in Satkhira Sadar recently lodged a written complaint with the executive engineer alleging that the lineman had paid Rs 6,300 to an assistant identifying employee three and a half months ago but he had not been connected yet. However, he did not receive his complaint officially. A week passed but the office did not resolve the issue.

Nazrul Islam, a businessman from Satkhira, said, “Services are not available from this office without bribe, so I got a new connection with a bribe of Tk 6,000 without any hassle.”

Ataur Rahman of the city said, I wanted to get connection without bribe. Have had to get unbearable suffering. Moreover the use of employees is much worse. So I complained to the head office about the number from the website.

Morshedul Islam of Munjitpur area said that services are not available in this office normally. Officials continue to suffer on various pretexts. After a month and a half of application, I got connected by going through various ups and downs. As a government employee, I had to get so much speed, then it is conceivable how the general public gets services.

In this regard, Executive Director Ziaul Haque said, ‘We do not accept bribes. I accept applications for new connections online. ‘ However, when asked about the 20 beneficiaries of this office, he said, “They are not employees of my office.”

Asked if he would take action if anyone took bribes, citing engineers, he cut off the phone line saying he was busy.

Conscious people claim that these officials do not have the courage to face the people. Because they know they are criminals. If these officials are not punished, the development of the government will not be able to make room in the minds of the people.