June 20, 2021


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Hundreds of young women were trafficked in ticks

Hundreds of young women have been trafficked from the country to neighboring India and various countries in the Middle East by building good relations by showing greed to model ticks. The matter has come up in the police investigation after the video of the horrific torture on a young girl in Dhaka in Bangalore, India went viral recently. Tiktakchakra has been running this business targeting young women between the ages of 15 and 30. Sources said that this organized international human trafficking ring has been formed by some criminals from the south-western region of the country and some states of India.

Mohammad Shahidullah, deputy commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Tejgaon division, told Kaler Kanth, “We don’t know exactly how many women have been trafficked by his associates and others, including Tiktak Huda.” However, preliminary investigation has revealed that this number is a lot.

In reply to another question, he said that in the meantime, efforts are being made to bring back the Bangladeshi nationals arrested by the Indian police and bring them to justice. Discussions have started between the law enforcement agencies of the two countries in this regard. Attempts are being made to bring back the girl who was sexually abused after being trafficked.

According to police, the network has a wide network in several countries, including India and Dubai in the Middle East. The target of this cycle is the school-college girls as well as the housewives. Basically, young people join a Facebook group to make tick-tack videos. The main sponsor of the group is an international human trafficking ring, a police official said, adding that 700-800 youths took part in a pool party at a resort in a district near Dhaka late last year under the supervision of the group’s admin. Many of them have been trafficked. One of the coordinators of that party was Rifatul Islam alias Tiktak Huday.

According to CID sources, 128 cases of trafficking in women are under investigation at CID so far. Of these, 15 are cases of trafficking in women.

Tactics: Women members are trafficked to various markets, supershops, beauty parlors in India with the temptation of a well-paid job. The main abode of this cycle is in the Anandapur area of ​​Bangalore. Police sources said that girls of different ages were trafficked to India for the purpose of engaging in prostitution. According to police sources, the ring was first contracted with some hotels in several Indian states. Later, girls of different ages were sent there according to the demand of those hotels. Besides, after taking the trafficked girls to Anandapur, they recorded videos of them using drugs or forcibly undressing them. This video is then sent to their relatives if the trafficked women disobey or try to escape.

Trafficking routes and intelligence officials’ comments: According to police and RAB intelligence, at least 11 young women have already escaped from India and entered the country. They were taken to India illegally through Satkhira, Burimari and Benapole borders. The members of the gang forcibly took them to a certain house through Indian members and forced them to take various types of drugs. According to their information, they were sent to Bangalore after being offered jobs on hefty salaries. In this case, their hands were changed eight to ten times. After being taken to the border, they are kept in certain houses and taken to other places by the brokers. After that he was kept in different hotels in Bangalore and tortured for a long time. They were then taken to several other countries, including Dubai, where they were sexually abused. It costs them Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per person to cross the border without a passport or visa.

Search for six trafficked women: In addition, law enforcement officers of the two countries have found at least six Bangladeshi girls, who were trafficked from Bangladesh to India by members of the Tiktak Huday and Rafi Syndicate. In addition to verifying their identities, police and RAB detectives have already started an investigation by collecting preliminary information about the ringleader of the women’s trafficking ring in India and more than 100 members of the ring.

According to sources, Rifatul Islam Huday was interrogated by the Bengaluru police. This group used to target women from different states of India in alliance with the criminals of Bangladesh. Trafficking in women has been going on like this for five years.

Similarly, the CID arrested Azam Khan, one of the ringleaders of one of the Dubai-based women trafficking gangs, last year. His two brothers Nazim and Ershad assisted him in this work. Besides, the detectives have got the names and identities of several other women traffickers abroad.

Ashraful Islam arrested along with his wife Ashraful Islam Rafi and his wife Bonya Khatun and two nephews Anik and Rony were arrested last Sunday. According to RAB, they raided Ashraful’s village home in Nadpara of Shailkupar No. 6 Sarutia Union in Jhenaidah and detained him. Apart from this, the two people seen in the video of the incident of torturing a young woman in Bangalore are residents of Jessore, Bangladesh.

RAB intelligence director Lt. Colonel Khairul Islam said, ‘We have already got a lot of information about the trafficking ring. Attempts are being made to identify and arrest those involved in trafficking abroad.