June 18, 2021


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Fire after killing doctor Sabira!

Police have recovered the bloodied and burnt body of Sabira Rahman Lipi, 48, a doctor at Green Life Medical College Hospital, from a house in the capital’s Kalabagan. He was working as a consultant (sonologist) in the hospital. His body was recovered from a rented flat on the third floor of the 50/1 Tares de Castle apartment in First Lane, Kalabagan around 10:30 am on Monday.

Describing the incident, Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police Ramna Division Deputy Commissioner Azimul Haque said, ‘Dr. Sabira lived on rent. To one young woman he sublet two rooms of the flat. Kaniz Subarna, the young woman from Sublet, went out for a walk yesterday morning. When he returned home, he found Sabira’s room closed. But smoke is coming out from inside the room. Later, he called the caretaker of the house and brought the key and opened the lock of the room and saw the doctor Sabira lying on her bed. He informed the fire service thinking that there was a fire in the house. A fire service team arrived and extinguished the blaze, but found Sabira dead and with signs of injuries on her body. Then the news was given to the police. DB police came and found signs of an injury on Sabira’s neck and two injuries on her back. We are investigating the incident. Four people have been taken into custody for questioning in the incident. They are a student with a sublet, a friend of his, Ramadan and the doorman of the house. The housemaid of Sabira’s flat. ‘

Dr. According to DB sources, Sabira Rahman was married twice and her first husband was a doctor. He died in a road accident. Sabira later married a banker named Samsuddin Azad. Azad is the Vice President of National Bank. Sabira lived in a separate flat as she was not married to her second husband. Sabira has a son in her ex-husband’s house and a 9-year-old daughter in her second husband’s house. The boy is studying in BBA. Sabira lived in that flat in Kalabagan with her daughter. He left the girl at her grandmother’s house on Green Road last Sunday night. Sabira was alone at home at night.

Sabira’s cousin Rezaul Hasan said, ‘We think it is a murder. The fire incident has been arranged to take the matter to another sector. We don’t suspect anyone yet. After the investigation, the police will be able to give details.

Second husband Samsuddin Azad said: Dr. Samsuddin Azad, Sabira’s second husband, said: Then I ran home. But at first the police did not allow me to enter the house. I entered the house at half past noon and saw my wife lying on the bed in a bloody state.

“My wife was killed without a doubt,” he said. The killers may have set fire to divert the motive of the murder. I think it’s a murder. I want an exemplary investigation into this murder and trial of the culprits.

Killed brutally: CID’s crime scene unit went to the scene immediately after the murder. According to the crime scene, Sabira was brutally murdered. Sabira’s mattress was set on fire after being hit with a sharp weapon. However, the fire could not spread as there was no combustible substance. Even after that, some parts of Sabira’s body were burnt. Sheikh Russell Kabir, an inspector at the CID’s crime scene unit, said: “Sabira’s trachea was cut with a sharp weapon. He had blood and burn wounds on his body. We are sure, it is murder. It appears that the killings took place at any time from midnight to dawn.

Statement of the Fire Service: Lima Khanam, duty officer of the control room of the fire service and civil defense headquarters, said, ‘We received the news of a fire in that house at 10:25 am on Monday. Going there, the fire service personnel saw smoke. Fire service officials recovered a burnt body from there. The neck and front of the body were burnt. The mattress of the house was burnt. However, the members of the fire service informed the police after seeing the marks of injuries at different places of the body.

Meanwhile, the police of Kalabagan police station prepared an inquest report of the body and sent it to Dhaka Medical College Morgue for autopsy.

Kalabagan Police Station OC Paritosh Chandra said, “Initially, we thought it was a murder. To confirm the matter, Sabira’s body has been sent to Dhaka Medical College Morgue for autopsy.