June 20, 2021


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Hafizur’s death and the market for LSD

Harvard psychologist Timothy Leary’s research and acquaintance with psychedelic drugs is proverbial. He has LSD psychiatric drugs. This psychedelic drug is again an expensive drug for addicts. That is why his other name is ‘Escape Drug’. It takes the user to another unfamiliar world. Indescribable activation by creating a layer of nerve cells in the brain.

There are many reasons for the increase in LSD-dependence in Leary’s country. Most of the returning soldiers are traumatized back home. The horrors of war, murder, and bloodshed drove them away. America was then the birthplace of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In this disease, the nerve cells of the brain are severely damaged. This leads to many more diseases. Such as suicidal tendencies, intoxication and drug use. Leads to memory and hallucinations. Loss of memory, panic, schizophrenia, depression, insanity, etc. also increase. Decreased social connectivity. LSD is used to stimulate nerve cells.

The sixties and seventies were the heyday of psychedelic drug abuse and addiction. The unbridled development of capitalism, the Cold War in the socialist and capitalist world, America’s unjust war in Vietnam, family breakdown, etc., made the youth resentful and disobedient. Religion, values, rules-principles-ethics — everything was being challenged by the youth of the sixties and seventies. LSD and marijuana (marijuana) became part of the music world in rock-pop-rap-rag. The audience is intoxicated to see the glitter of colors in the depths of the music. The singer’s intoxication is to overcome the inertia and inattention and become reckless and ingenious. Spiritualists and saints are addicted to Nirvana and seeing the supernatural power. As a result, the use of LSD not only continued in the medical world, but also in people in the creative world, including music, film and painting.

Alternatives to LSD have dominated the cheap drug market since the 1980s. As a result LSD was not on the market for decades. Corona has created new shocks around the world. Mental health is disrupted around the world. During this time the business magazine Bloomberg, Forbes and many others published an interesting news. Share prices of psychedelic drug manufacturing units of various multinational pharmaceutical companies are skyrocketing on Wall Street. Fermiweb.com publishes updated information on pharmaceutical companies. The title of the bulletin is ‘Unexpected trade expansion of psychedelic drug companies in 2021’. Companies include The Emme Company, Clarisana, AstraZeneca, F. Hoffman-La Roche Limited, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

In the 1990s, Leary predicted that LSD use in the United States would soon increase by 50 percent. Now is the time for globalization. If Shyam grows in uncle’s country, it will grow in all uncle’s country. In July last year, the American Scientific Newsletter quoted a PhD researcher from the University of Cincinnati as saying that by 2020, the use of LSD is expected to be at least three times higher than at any other time. Researcher Andrew Yoki, who reviewed a survey of 1.7 million people using the drug, found that LSD use had increased by 56 percent in the previous three years. David Knut is a researcher in neuro-psychiatric medicine at Imperial College London. Last year, he said, the number of people who thought it was safe to take 1 percent of the original LSD experimentally had increased at a geometric rate. These are the ones who will be curious to get the feeling of fullness at some point. The number of addicts will increase.

body of Hafizur, a student of Dhaka University, had been lying in the morgue of Dhaka Medical College for a long time. Now CC camera footage is also being published. After the body was recovered, the friends held a protest meeting and human chain thinking of killing. It is now known that Hafeez himself took a photo from the dab seller and stabbed himself in the neck. The question is, why didn’t the dab seller tell anyone about the incident? Any invisible fear? Genital mutilation and social isolation has increased so much? No more crime in the quiet environment of the studentless university in Corona, what is the guarantee of that?

The mystery of Hafizur’s death has been or is being revealed. Friends involved in the horrific drug use and sale have made him use LSD. According to that source, DB police has started searching for the LSD trade cycle. Success also matches. An unimaginable amount of LSDO has been recovered. Eight people have been arrested. They are students of various public-private universities. More may be caught. The activism of the police is certainly grateful. The manner in which university students are involved has created public panic. There are also new concerns about parents going to university. But it would be wrong to think of the issue as a domestic problem.

I saw the last five people caught on television channels. Two of them are in the focus of the camera. One is quite cheerful. There are various immediate reactions on social media. Someone wants to eradicate them. Crossfire, blaming parents. There is nothing lacking. One group thinks nothing will happen to them. The incident will be suppressed soon. They suspect that there are powerful people behind them. A group of university students continue to be skeptical. The other group is licking the pindi of the rich Dulals. Some are suspecting Godfather politicians. Disbelief is extreme.

Needless to say, we are living in a time of disbelief. There is a lot of talk about the drug LSD on television and in newspapers. Most of the people in Bangladesh probably did not know much about the drug. Now you know.

DB police, media and YouTube-based citizen media are quite active in the matter. However, there is nothing to be happy about in the current weather. Rather, it is to be apprehensive. Because, too much activity and too much enthusiasm is not always beneficial. When ‘stigma’ or hateful fear is created in the minds of the people, the problem increases, not decreases. Misinformation is even more harmful. Someone in camera focus was saying something in English. All the TV news did not hear the whole sentence of the young man but only the first few words. We did not hear the boy’s statement due to editing. But the word ‘misconception’ was clearly heard in his words.

Perhaps the boy was saying that there were ‘misconceptions’ in the public mind about LSD. What a misconception, and what he thinks is the right thing to do গেলে it would have been to our advantage, not to harm. Because, various media outlets are either creating stigma with the excellence of presentation, or creating unwanted misconceptions. Did the boy want to say something admirable about LSD? Did the police or the media think that if the whole sentence was published, many people would become enthusiastic or curious about LSD? Otherwise why the edit? There are numerous sites online that describe the many benefits of LSD. Is the boy influenced by the information on those sites? Does he believe all that information? Internet in the hands of the youth of Bangladesh. The sites are also open to them. Wouldn’t they also become believers in all this unreliable information? They were also running business online.

A section of consumers suffering from global mental health problems will start their own businesses to cover the cost of drugs. This is the traditional practice of drugs. Bangladesh is at risk of becoming one of the connecting centers of this black market. China is one of the largest suppliers of raw materials. In Myanmar, rebel and ethnic freedom-loving guerrilla groups may be involved in the LSD black market if they need money to buy weapons. There is a risk of Rohingya participation. At the moment, Bangladesh should take a coordinated international and international program to eradicate LSD. Damadol of hatred and panic about the captured youth can only consolidate the big and terrible trade cycle behind it.

Helal Mohiuddin Professor, Political Science and Sociology, North South University