June 18, 2021


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Grandpa, please tell me

They are two inhabitants of two worlds. Kumar Biswajit is the man of the song , Chanchal Chowdhury is the actor . Both of them had their birthdays on June 1. On their birthdays, the two reminisced about the two of them.

That day was the birthday of artist Kumar Biswajit. Actor Chanchal Chowdhury went to his house. They chat for a long time. They also sang songs to each other that day. Later they found out that both of them were born on the same day. The day is still memorable for them. Even then they have been seen many times. Every time there was a lively chat.

Kumar Biswajit and Chanchal Chowdhury's birthday is June 1

Kumar Biswajit and Chanchal Chowdhury’s birthday is June 1

For the first time, the two went to an event together in Bangkok, Thailand. They had to stay there for five days. Kumar Biswajit said, their heart has been since then. He was fascinated by the simple lifestyle and excellent use of a talented actor like him. Kumar Biswajit said, ‘Chanchal Bandhubatsal. Anything can be shared with him. When we went abroad, Chanchal saw something and said, Grandpa, can I have one for you? Even if a meal is good, he will not eat it alone. Say, Grandpa, if you don’t play, you won’t eat. All in all, Chanchal seems to me to be a perfect man. In which there is caress, affection, courage to catch mistakes — everything. ‘

I am much younger than my grandfather. Whenever I meet my grandfather, he addresses me as you. I have told my grandfather many times. Grandpa, please tell me. Once or twice he said you do it, but later you started saying it again

Kumar Biswajit

Kumar Biswajit

Kumar Biswajit praised the drama, movie and song starring actor Chanchal. Chanchal’s performance in the movie Monpura is still fresh in the minds of this singer. He said, ‘I have seen a lot of Chanchal dramas. I think his expression in Monpura movie is God-given. The whole acting had rhythm. I also like his songs. Best of all, he doesn’t float in the current. Whatever he wants to give to our yard, it can be understood by looking at his work. ‘

Kishore Chanchal Chowdhury got to know Kumar Biswajit for the first time with the song ‘You come to pick flowers in my garden every afternoon’. Then he used to go to school. Whenever he heard this song playing on a radio, he would run closer. The actor still sings many songs of Kumar Biswajit. They first met about a decade before coming to Dhaka. Chanchal that day found a perfect artist, whom he still considers an ideal man.

Chanchal said, ‘I had the opportunity to go out of the country with my grandfather a few times. We used to have a lot of chats during the program. Had a great time in those days. Whenever he was seen, he would call affectionately. Best of all, he works with a sense of responsibility to society and industry. This responsibility is not seen in many. I try to learn from him as soon as I see him. ‘

Chanchal Chowdhury

Chanchal Chowdhury

Every year they meet regularly in one or another event. Once Chanchal had the opportunity to go to Biswajit’s house. An embarrassing situation was created! What happened? Chanchal said, ‘I am much younger than my grandfather. Whenever I meet my grandfather, he addresses me as you. I have told my grandfather many times. Grandpa, please tell me. Once or twice he said you do it, but later you started saying it again. He can give people respect, love, dignity. Dada is a very good man as an artist and a man. ‘