June 20, 2021


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The United States is going to hand over Bagram air base

The US military is handing over Bagram airfield to Afghan forces. This information was given in the report of the news agency AFP quoting the concerned official on Wednesday. The official said the Bagram airbase could be handed over to Afghan forces within 20 days.

Bagram is the main US airport in Afghanistan. This huge airport was built by the former Soviet Union in the eighties of the last century. The base is used by US and NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan. Thousands of troops were present at the base during the United States’ highest involvement in the Afghan war.

The United States is about to end the nearly two-decade-long Afghan war. The United States will withdraw all troops from Afghanistan before September 11. Work has already started for this purpose.

A U.S. defense official did not say when the Bagram air base would be handed over to Afghan forces. “I can confirm that we will hand over the Bagram airfield,” he told AFP.

An Afghan security official said the Bagram airfield was expected to be handed over within 20 days. The Afghan Ministry of Defense has formed a special committee to manage it.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has indicated that the process of withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan is accelerating. The withdrawal is 30 to 44 percent complete, according to U.S. Army Central Command estimates.

For the past two decades, US military operations in Afghanistan have been centered around Bagram Air Base. The command of the US operation in Afghanistan was established at this airport. It has also been used as a prison. Thousands of Taliban and other militants are being held captive here.

As part of the withdrawal, the United States handed over six military bases to Afghan forces before May 1.

Last April, US President Joe Biden officially announced that it was time to end America’s longest war in Afghanistan. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will begin on May 1. The last US troops will leave Afghanistan before September 11.

Former US President George W. Bush started the war in 2001. At one time, more than 93,000 US troops were stationed in Afghanistan. When Biden officially announced the end of the war in April, there were about 2,500 US troops in Afghanistan.