June 20, 2021


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Webinar on Bangladesh in London

A webinar was organized in the United Kingdom last Sunday (May 30) to mark the 50th anniversary of the Agartala conspiracy case and the Bangladesh Liberation War. The event was organized by Bangabandhu Writers and Journalists Forum UK. The event was broadcast live on British Bangladeshi TV channel NL24.

Saida Taslima Muna, Bangladesh High Commissioner to the United Kingdom was the Chief Guest. The event was attended by other senior academics from the United Kingdom, Bangladesh and India. The event was organized by geopolitical researcher Priyajit Dev Sarkar.

Bangladesh High Commissioner to the UK Saida Taslima Muna said the case was a game changer. This has given a huge advantage to the Awami League politically. Recognition of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as the next President before the 1970 elections The role of the British Commonwealth and the Foreign Office was ample evidence of his leadership.

Burjin Waghmar, a lecturer at the Center for Pakistan Studies, School of African and Oriental Studies, University of London, said the West Pakistani military-political institution had played a criminal and barbaric role in crushing the just aspirations of the Bengalis.

Jahangirnagar University, head of the history department. Emran Jahan mentions the role of the local Bengali media, which was crucial for the scale of the fabricated case. He explained in detail the charismatic leadership of the legendary Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He discussed the protests by both sides in Pakistan over the military junta General Ayub Khan.

BSMMU Liver Department Chairman. Mamun Al Mahatab recently discussed Bangladesh’s progress on the global stage of politics. Referring to the global recognition of genocide and the bloodshed of innocent minorities, he said Bangladesh’s progress would continue.