June 20, 2021


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We have to win against drug addiction

It is a pity that many of my friends and relatives have become addicted to drugs. I’m sure almost all of you know someone, maybe someone very close to that drug addict or someone who was once a drug addict.

Drug addiction is a big problem in our society. There are basically two things to do to solve this problem. We need to know how drug addiction happens. Second, the sale and distribution of drugs in our country must be more strictly controlled. The responsibility for the second issue lies mainly with the government. As citizens of the country, we have nothing special to do. However, it is our civic duty to know about drug addiction. As long as we don’t know, we will be in a kind of fear. Our ability to stop drug addiction will decrease. The tragic death of Hafizur, a student of DU, a few days ago came as a big shock to us.

There are three types of awareness raising

There are three main types of drug addiction awareness. They are practical, social and emotional. Before that, it may be necessary to say that not everyone is addicted to drugs. Someone’s drug addiction is due to deep psychological and social problems. Again someone is out of curiosity, out of curiosity. If we have knowledge about drugs, we can avoid the addiction caused by curiosity in many cases.

Prevention of addiction is certainly possible

Prevention of addiction is certainly possible
Photo: Prothom Alo

Practical awareness

Many people suffer from various types of guilt after taking drugs. This guilt pushes them further into addiction. Very few people can stop addiction after taking it a few times. If it is consumed for any reason or persuasion, it does not mean that there is no way to get rid of the addiction. Prevention of addiction is certainly possible. We must feel bad about taking drugs. But we should not feel so guilty that our addiction becomes more intense.

There are many more types of practical awareness. When we think of drug addiction, we take heroin or yaba. Apart from this, people can become addicted to many types of consumption. There are some things that can make a person more dangerous if they are not very addictive. In English these are called gateway drugs. As soon as they eat these, the one-time user seeks more powerful drugs. Apparently harmless, such as sleeping pills or painkillers these can act as gateway drugs. Cannabis and alcohol also play a similar role. If one is addicted to these, one has to understand that the risk of a more difficult, terrible drug addiction is much higher. One should not take light sleeping pills too much. The more difficult addiction to sleeping pills comes in horribly close.

There are two types of mental awareness

There are two aspects to mental awareness about drug addiction. One is the awareness of the one who is consuming. Another is the awareness of the people around him and especially the people he loves. For those who are addicted to drugs for emotional reasons, their problems are often visible long before the addiction. If you understand the symptoms, it is possible to treat them. And with treatment, it is possible to reduce the risk of drug addiction.

For example, if someone close to you is not able to cope with depression day after day, if he is not happy about himself, then that person needs some kind of emotional help. Failure to do so could result in more serious damage over time. One of them is addiction. So mental problems should not be taken lightly.

Social awareness is urgent

Just as emotional and practical, social awareness about preventing drug addiction is essential. There are different aspects of social awareness here. One is company. Very few people use drugs on their own. In most cases, the people around them provide fuel. Awareness of who I am mixing with or who the people close to me are mixing with is very important. Another aspect of social awareness is loneliness. Some enjoy loneliness. But if one feels lonely day after day, it is dangerous. We need to be aware of this.

Most importantly, if someone is addicted to drugs, do not let them feel lonely. Naturally we are afraid of drug addiction. If someone close to us is addicted to this, we push them away. Their addiction is further intensified by loneliness. If someone you love is addicted to drugs, even if it is a lot of trouble, somehow you have to be with him. Surely you don’t want to lose the people you love forever.

‘Hey dude, pull it out once’, ‘Mama, don’t understand what’s up, try it once’, ‘I don’t see it, how does it feel’ — . Drug dependence is a disease. Without proper treatment, this disease can destroy a person’s personality and career; Horrible things like suicide can happen. So you have to gain the strength to say ‘no’. No matter how hard your friends try, you have to say, ‘No, I won’t take drugs.’ Drugs can never be taken out of curiosity. Smart young people never take drugs. Remember, drugs are not the solution to any problem, but the onset of the problem. So either way, stay away from drugs all the time. Not forgetting to take drugs.

Dr. Ahmed Helal, Associate Professor, Psychiatrist and National Institute of Mental Health.

You have to live with your head held high, not with your head down

You have to live with your head held high, not with your head down
Photo: Prothom Alo

Don’t give up, friend

In fact, there are many aspects of drug addiction, all of which cannot be discussed in this series. I had to study addiction for various reasons. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. It is not possible to win against this enemy many times despite knowing everything. But we have to keep trying. For yourself, for the people you love. Trying to find out can’t be stopped.

The power of youth to turn around is immense

Finally, for my young readers, I must not forget my own strengths. There will be various obstacles in life. It is important to remember that at a young age, our ability to turn around is immense. There is no need for horrible things like drugs because of the momentary suffering. Focus on any positive action or thought, you will see that the pain is not as big as it seemed. As much time as you thought it would take, much less time has passed.

We all deal with drug addiction from our own place; With intelligence and compassion. We are all well. This desire remained.