June 20, 2021


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Various arrangements of the fashion house

The best son-in-law war in the world

Various arrangements of the fashion house

Jamaishthi is a popular custom. This custom originated from the festival of the sixth goddess. Jamaishthi has been observed among the followers of traditional religions of the subcontinent since the Vedic period. Every year, the sixth puja is held on the first morning of the sixth day of the month. On the day of the sixth puja, the son-in-law is warmly invited. When the wife arrives on the day of the sixth puja of the son-in-law, a flood of joy flows in the house, the sixth puja is transformed into the sixth puja. The social significance of this festival in Bengali Hindu society is undeniable. The specialty is that this festival is celebrated in the family where there is a well-married daughter.

On the occasion of Jamaishthi for the first time on Wednesday, 1st Ashar, 1428 BS or 16th June, 2021, Bishwarang will organize a special program ‘Best Jamai War’ Anyone can take part in this event.

Rules for participating in ‘World’s Best Son-in-Law War’: 3 copies of daughter-in-law’s photo taken together, name, phone number and address must be mailed ( [email protected] ) by June 10 . Apart from this you can also contact by calling 01719256.

Comfortable K-Craft T-shirts in the heat

ফ্যাশন হাউসের নানা আয়োজন

T-shirts are a part of classic fashion as well as the latest fashion. Again for many it is just comfortable clothing. For those who want a little relief from the daily grind this summer, they can choose T-shirts. In addition to working in comfort, the t-shirt will give a smart casual look.

T-shirts are always popular with people of all ages, especially young people. So this summer K Craft has come up with a big collection of newly designed T-shirts. The designs of these t-shirts made of cotton and knit fabric have been embellished with modernity as well as the indigenous culture through print. The predominant colors are Off White, White, Bottle Green, Red, Green, Maroon, Yellow, Turquoise, Gray, Paste, Magenta, Ash etc

Because of Corona, everyone had to spend a lot of time at home throughout the year. For this, everyone has become accustomed to comfortable clothes. So this year too, loose clothing is dominating the fashion. In line with this, the fashion brand Gentle Park has also diversified its experimental top-to-bottom, sleeve or collar or clothing patterns. These comfortable fabrics have an abundance of colors according to the needs of the buyer. In addition, the fashion brand’s new summer ready-to-wear has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the youth. The weaving and design of running clothes of international fashion has got predominance. Changes have been made in the basic fitting of garments made of oven and knit fabric. Solid, print, stripe and floral motifs predominate in the collection. There are also clothing and fashion accessories for women, men and children.

Shahadat Chowdhury Babu, chairman of Gentle Park and head of the design department, said the new clothes have a clear masculine and tailored look. There are also a variety of designs with flat-front denim and knitwear. For those who want a casual look out of the formal, these collections will also give relief. ‘New Formal’ clothes have been brought thanks to Work from Home during Corona. The limited range of movement and lockdown throughout the year has also had an impact on our brand’s clothing design. So the dress has been minimal. Plain casual shirts, T-shirts, net jogging wear and experimental tops, kurtis and fusion dresses have been brought for summer.

Rang is an online festival of Bangladesh

ফ্যাশন হাউসের নানা আয়োজন

This time of epidemic is a new experience for us. Over time, many things have changed in our lives. Many people have become accustomed to buying products at home in this unfavorable time. Fashion brand Rang Bangladesh has organized a new campaign ‘Product Based Online Festival’ to increase the interest of online shoppers. Where specific products are on sale separately on specific days on display. The 18-day festival, which started on May 25, will run on the online platform till June 11. As a special benefit, there is a 50 percent discount on all purchases. There is home delivery facility.