June 20, 2021


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The lockdown period has been extended in Victoria, Australia

The decision to extend the lockdown was taken in Victoria, Australia’s second most populous state, for failing to control coronavirus infections. The decision was made on Wednesday, local time.

The news agency Reuters reported that Victoria was locked down last Thursday due to an increase in coronavirus infections. This lockdown is expected to be effective until next Thursday. But the lockdown has been extended by a week as the infection has not been brought under control. Because new infections are on the rise. In addition, the number of people who have come in contact with the infected people has spread by thousands. However, despite a strict lockdown in Victoria, restrictions have been relaxed in various parts of Australia.

“If we let this situation continue, it will explode,” said James Merlino, acting head of the Victorian government. The new variant that has spread will be out of control and people will die. ‘

The total number of infections in Australia has risen to more than 30,000, with 910 people dying, according to WorldMeters, a website that provides full-time coronavirus information. And more than 29 thousand have recovered. Eight people were newly infected in the country on Wednesday. That being said, the number of new infections that have started is higher than last year.

Earlier, in a statement announcing the lockdown, James Merlino said: “The lockdown was necessary to stop the rapid spread of the virus. Referring to the situation there, he said that this year’s infection is spreading faster than the record of corona infection. The number of people who have come in contact with those who have been infected at different times is about 10,000. Victims have visited one and a half hundred places in Victoria. We needed to take action now. ‘