June 20, 2021


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Seven members of the passenger motorcycle hijacking ring are in jail

Bilal Ahmed, a resident of Companiganj in Sylhet, used to transport passengers on a rented motorcycle. On the evening of May 10, Sajal Ahmed (24) got on his motorcycle for a fare of Tk 350 to go to Buridhar village from Dayarbazar in Companyganj. On reaching the front of Saifur Rahman Degree College in Companiganj at around 7.30 pm, two unidentified persons stopped the motorcycle. Sajal Ahmed, who was on a motorcycle at the time, also got down. Later, Sajal and anonymous men pulled out a knife and snatched Bilal Ahmed’s motorcycle for fear of death.

Not only this, in Kompaniganj, there were allegations of multiple robberies on a motorcycle, police said. In the wake of the May 10 incident, the Kompaniganj police, the district detective branch and the Kanaighat police conducted a 24-hour operation from 5pm on Sunday to 2pm on Monday. Police have arrested seven members of a motorcycle hijacking gang in the raid. Two motorcycles were seized at the time. They were later sent to jail through the court on Tuesday afternoon.

On the instructions of the Superintendent of Police, Companiganj Police Station, District Detective Branch and Kanaighat Police Station conducted a 24-hour operation from 5 pm on Sunday to 2 pm on Monday.

The arrested are Sajal Ahmed, 24, a resident of Kompaniganj Buridhar village in Sylhet, Khairul Islam Raihan, 20, of Islampur area in Sylhet suburb, Al Amin Hossain, 20, of Surma Gate area, Jihad Ahmed, 20, of the same area and Ali Hossain of Dhalaichar village in Kanaighat upazila. 24), Maruf Ahmed (26) of Shibnagar village and Delwar Hossain (30) of Sreepur village.

According to the police, the victim Bilal Ahmed has filed a case with the Companiganj police station. Their arrest has been shown in that case. Among the arrested persons are Sajal Ahmed in Kompaniganj Police Station, Sylhet Kotwali and Bimanbandar Police Station on various charges including snatching, Khairul Islam in Shahparan Police Station in Sylhet, two speedy trials and one attempted murder and Delwar Hossain in four cases including assault and attempted murder.

Sylhet Additional Superintendent of Police (Headquarters and Media) said. Lutfar Rahman told Prothom Alo that the police super had recently stepped up surveillance in several areas of Sylhet, including Companiganj, in connection with the snatching of rented motorcycles. In this, several teams of Companiganj, Kanaighat police station and detective police arrested seven members of the gang including the main snatcher in a non-stop operation. Two motorcycles have already been recovered based on information provided by the arrested persons. The campaign to bring others involved in the incident under the law is continuing. The arrested persons have been sent to jail through the court.