June 18, 2021


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Notification of PSC for recruitment of more than 600 non-cadres in 36th BCS

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has recommended the recruitment of more than 600 first-class non-cadre posts among those who did not get cadre even after passing the final result of the 36th BCS. The recommendation was made at a special meeting of the commission on Wednesday on the basis of merit list of BCS and recruitment rules of the respective posts. This has been informed in a press release of PSC.

Although he passed the written and oral examinations of the 36th BCS, he did not get any recommendation for the recruitment of 6,173 cadres due to shortage of posts. Of them, 5,032 applied to the commission for first-class non-cadre posts. Earlier, 541 people were recruited. This time more than 600 were recruited.
After publishing the final results of the 38th BCS, the PSC recommended the recruitment of 2,204 people in different cadres.

The process of appointing first class non-cadre posts from among those who do not get cadre even after passing the final examination starts from 31st BCS.
The government amended the recruitment rules for non-cadre posts on June 16, 2014 to appoint second class officers from among those who have passed the BCS.

In Chittagong, three more people have died in the last 24 hours due to corona infection. At the same time, 138 new corona have been identified. Corona detection rate is about 12 percent compared to the test.

This information was given in the latest report on Corona sent to the media from the District Civil Surgeon’s Office on Wednesday afternoon.

So far, 53,642 corona have been identified in Chittagong. So far 625 people have died in Corona in Chittagong.

According to the District Civil Surgeon’s Office, corona samples from 1,151 people were tested in the last 24 hours.

In the last 24 hours, 65 people have been identified in the city. 52 people from different upazilas outside the city. Two of the people who died in Corona were from the city. The other is a resident of an upazila outside the city.

Of the people killed in Corona in Chittagong so far, 448 have died in the city. 16 people died in different upazilas.

The previous day (Monday) four people were killed in Corona in Chittagong. A sample test of 69 people identified 135 people. Corona detection rate is 15 percent compared to the test. Four people died on Sunday. In the corona sample test of 602 people, 119 people came positive. The detection rate is about 18 percent. Five people died on Saturday. In the sample test of 638 people, 72 people came positive. The detection rate is 11 percent. One died on Friday. 116 people were identified. On this day, samples of 912 people were tested. The detection rate is about 13 percent.

The first corona patient was identified on April 3 last year in Chittagong. Then on April 9, the first one died of a corona.