June 18, 2021


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The wounds of their minds did not dry up

Mamun Mia named the child Boishakh. Kawsar Hossain Boishakh. He was only seven years old. On that day, he was burnt to death in his father’s shop on the day of a terrible fire in Nimtali, Old Dhaka. 124 people died in this incident. Among them was Mamun’s son, Adar’s child.

Mamun told Prothom Alo about the incident last Tuesday . Said he lowered the shutters of the shop to escape the heat. But after a while he realized that the fire had spread. At one stage, he was able to get out with his burnt body, but he never got his son back.

So many people died in the Nimtali fire, but no justice was done.

Shafiqul Islam, brother of the deceased

It has been 11 years since the Nimtali fire. Mamun now trades in fruits. Not only did she lose her child in the fire, but she was also in debt. There are burn marks on the right side of his body including his head, ears and hands. Showing that sign, he said, the death of people in the fire in old Dhaka has not stopped, justice has not been done.

The fire in Nimtali happened on June 3, 2010. Today marks the 11th anniversary of this incident. The wounds of the relatives of the victims did not dry up after this incident and then two more big accidents took place in old Dhaka. It killed 6 more people. But the chemical business did not move from old Dhaka. There has been no major progress even in the removal project. Meanwhile, a general diary was kept at Bangshal police station on the Nimtali incident. The police did not investigate.

Bangshal Police Station OC Abul Khair said, “It is not known whether there was any GD in that incident. I joined this police station on April 26.

The fire in Nimtali started from the ground floor of the five-storey building of 43 Nawab Katara. At that moment, it spread to the surrounding buildings. The five-storey building has now been extended to one storey. Visiting last Tuesday morning, it was seen that the building no longer has a chemical warehouse. The owners live in that building. However, no one agreed to speak.

Shafiqul Islam runs a grocery store called Rahim Store on the ground floor of the building where Nawab Katara caught fire. His brother ran the shop. However, he died in a fire 11 years ago. Shafiqul said so many people died in the Nimtali fire, but no justice was done.

Local resident Syed Maqbool Ali was walking in front of the building in Nimtali. He told Prothom Alo that he lost his wife Fauzia Begum in the fire in Nimtali. Shortly before the fire broke out, his wife went to the wedding. Maqbool said, ‘My son and I were supposed to go to that party. We didn’t go. He who has gone has not returned. ‘

A memorial has been erected in front of the building which caught fire in Nimtali. On the right side of it is a camp of Nawab Katara Social Welfare Organization and Panchayat. Anwar Hossain, a local resident, was sitting there talking. He was praying in a nearby mosque at the time of the incident. Anwar Hossain said, ‘We have never seen such a fire. I don’t even want to see it anymore. ‘

Fruit seller Mamun Mia’s wife went crazy after losing her child Boishakh in the Nimtali fire. Mamun has taken another child just to alleviate the pain of losing his wife’s child in the midst of poverty . Named Shravan, he is now seven years old.

Showing a picture of a child hanging inside his fruit shop in Nimtali, Mamun Mia told Prothom Alo , ‘Shravan looks exactly like Boishakh. Everyone in the mahalla calls her Boishakh. ‘ Mamun added, ‘If Boishakh had survived, he would have been 18 years younger now. Let no one’s chest be empty like ours. ‘