June 20, 2021


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A small dhamma of Padma sells for 16,000

Whales do not catch the eye easily. This delicious fish of Padma is not easy to catch. The fish weighing 7 kg was caught in the net of fisherman Nural Haldar in Selimpur area of ​​Rajbari Sadar upazila late on Wednesday night.

Nural Haldar took the fish to Mohan Mandal’s yard at Daulatdia Ghat Bazar for sale on Thursday morning. At the auction, the fish was bought at a price of 2,500 rupees per kg for 16,500 rupees. Shahjahan Sheikh.

Shahjahan Sheikh said that dhami fish is not easily available. After many days, he also took part in the auction after seeing the fish market. He bought the fish as the highest bidder. He will sell the fish at a price of Tk 2,600 to 3,000 per kg. For this he contacted well-known businessmen, bureaucrats and political leaders. A Dhaka businessman assured him that he would buy the fish around 9 am.

Mohan Mandal, president and storekeeper of Daulatdia Fish Market Business Council, told Prothom Alo that the fish of Padma river is already delicious. Then if it is a fish like dhami fish, then there is no point. Usually large sized fish are not caught. This morning, fisherman Nural Haldar brought the seven-kg fish from Selimpur in Rajbari for sale.

Goalanda Upazila Acting Senior Fisheries Officer. Rezaul Sharif said, such fish is not seen very much. And Dhami is a very tasty and expensive fish. However, occasionally 8 to 10 kg weight of fish is found.