June 18, 2021


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Five pictures risk big losses

The cinema hall was closed on two Eids last year. Although it was open this year, there was no conducive environment for the release of the film. Due to this, the films ‘Mission Extreme’, ‘Mission Extreme 2’, ‘Shan’, ‘Rebel’, ‘Demonstration’, ‘Inner Soul’ were not released despite being ready for Eid. Due to this, the producers are worried about the investment coming up from the films.

According to the producers of the film, about 20 crore rupees has been invested in these films. At present, due to the number of cinema halls and the presence of corona in the corona, it is impossible to raise capital from these films without Eid. But the pictures could not be released in the last three Eids. Even if the situation does not improve, the release of the pictures for the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha is not going away.

'Shan' photo poster

‘Shan’ photo poster

The story of the film may also become irrelevant as the pictures are stuck for a long time. These producers are not able to invest in new films. The budget of ‘Mission Extreme’ and ‘Mission Extreme 2’ is around seven crore rupees. Sunny Chanowar, one of the producers and directors of the two films, said, Built for Eid. But the release of Eid was delayed for two years and caused a lot of damage. The film could not be released on Eid-ul-Azha last year. I have been thinking since then. In addition, a few people had invested in these two films in the short term. They wanted to invest in another film if the investment rose after the release of the film. But in such a complicated situation, they are not interested in investing in cinema in a new way.

However, this producer is also thinking of alternatives. “I’m thinking of alternatives,” he said. Now there are opportunities to release movies on different platforms. There is also a desire to serve two pictures internationally. I am analyzing the process of international delivery.

 'Introspection' photo scene

‘Introspection’ photo scene

The budget of ‘Shan’ directed by MA Rahim is over three crore rupees. The producer of the film Azad Khan said, ‘The film could not be released on Eid for two years. If this film is released without Eid, the capital will not come up. Considering the number of moviegoers and halls, there are doubts whether the investment will increase even if it is released on Eid. Still waiting for the next Eid.

According to Shapla Media, the production company of Shaheen Sumon’s ‘Rebel’ and Shamim Ahmed’s ‘Protest’, around Tk 6.5 crore has been invested in the two films. Selim Khan, the producer of the two films, said, “If released without Eid, I will not be able to raise crores of rupees from the two films. The condition of cinema in Bangladesh is getting worse day by day. The number of theaters is also decreasing.

Sravanti in the demonstration film

Sravanti in the demonstration film

The film ‘Antratma’ was made for release last Eid-ul-Fitr. The director of the film Wazed Ali said that the budget of the film is around two crore rupees. But the release of the film was delayed on Eid due to corona infection. He said, ‘I made the film for release on Eid. Corona could not be released last Eid due to the situation. Now we have to wait for Eid-ul-Azha. Shakib Khan is in the picture. So I am getting some confidence even in this bad situation. ‘