June 20, 2021


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Recruitment trade is going on

On the day of departure of Abdus Sobhan, the former Vice Chancellor of Rajshahi University, he appointed 141 people to show his achievements. Even after the investigation committee formed by the University Grants Commission declared the appointment illegal, those concerned are pushing for the appointment. Most of them are former and current BCL leaders and activists of Rajshahi University. Using political poles, they obtained appointment letters from the Vice-Chancellor. There are allegations of bribery of lakhs of rupees behind this appointment. Earlier, the vice-chancellor had relaxed the university recruitment rules for appointing his daughter and son-in-law as teachers.

The picture of Rajshahi University printed on the last page of Prothom Alo on Tuesday has enough reason to be concerned. The recruits, who have been declared illegal by the Grants Commission’s investigation, occupied the conference room of the university’s administrative building for several hours to demand their appointment. As a result, the incumbent Vice-Chancellor and other office bearers of the university
were virtually blocked.

While the recruitment and trade of the former Vice-Chancellor of Rajshahi University is being discussed all over the country, the Vice-Chancellor of Chittagong University has set another bad example by appointing 15 officers and employees on a temporary basis. He, too, has given preference to people who prefer ‘their own home’ and top officials when it comes to recruitment. In this case, the instructions of the University Grants Commission have been ignored. The UGC directive dated September 13, 2020 states that no one can be appointed to a public university on a temporary basis without their notification and examination.

Besides, the Chittagong University administration has also started the process of recruiting 12 teachers from Laboratory School and College. There are three former leaders of Chhatra League in the list of possible appointments. There is no question that no one will be able to get a job in the university if he does Chhatra League. But if it is Chhatra League, why do you have to get appointment on advantage or consideration? So they have assumed, can not survive in free competition? Regarding the appointment of officers and employees, the acting registrar of the university said that the appointment was made on the recommendation of someone. The former president of the University Teachers Association said these appointments did not comply with the law. Recruitment without complying with the law cannot be legitimized in any way.

All current public universities are closed due to the Corona epidemic. But the recruitment-trade of vice-chancellors is going on. Although they have no sympathy for education, they are very enthusiastic about hiring. The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has summoned five bank officials, including former Rajshahi University vice-chancellor Abdus Sobhan, over their allegations.

Our statement on this matter is very clear. No one can be appointed on the basis of the appointment which has been declared illegal in the UGC investigation. The university is not for the benefit of the leaders and workers of a student organization or the people of the authorities. The temporary appointment of Chittagong University should also be canceled. Why are the authorities so desperate to make temporary appointments where campus education activities are closed?