June 18, 2021


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Joe Biden’s initiative to absolve Tulsa of genocide

Joe Biden visited the site of the Tulsa Massacre in Oklahoma for the first time as a US president. Through this visit last Tuesday, he tried to absolve himself of responsibility for the massacre that was discussed 100 years ago.

Hundreds of black Americans were killed in Tulsa in 1921 by white extremists. Visiting the scene, Biden said that the legacy of racist violence and white supremacy still exists in American society.

President Biden also met with some of the survivors of the brutal attack in Tulsa’s Greenwood area and the children of those killed. In his speech at the time, he said, ‘We need to know everything, good and bad. The people-oriented state accepts these.

Joe Biden said the bloody attack on the Capitol on January 7 this year and the attempts to block voting in several states in the last presidential election were just a repetition of the same problem (racist violence). He said what happened in Greenwood was hateful and an act of internal terrorism. Such activities are still going on today.

Local white people carry out a massacre of blacks in Tulsa on charges of attacking a white woman by a black man. On 31 May and 1 June 1921, they shot and killed 300 blacks in just two days. Besides, they burnt and looted the houses and businesses of the blacks.

That incident devastated the rich African-American community in the United States. However, the allegations of violence have never been substantiated. Even the insurance companies did not compensate the blacks after the violence. No one has been convicted of violence.