June 20, 2021


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Mihir Kumar Sen.

Mihir Kumar Sen of Netrokona was known as the ‘doctor of the poor’. He was a politically conscious and cultured man. He has a large ancestral home at Moktarpara in Netrokona town. When the war of liberation started, like many others, they also left the city and went to their village home in Kailati. One day I got the news that the Razakars were trying to occupy their town house. Mihir Sen then left for the city with his two brothers-in-law Siddhartha Sen, Shankar Sen and family member Karuna Deke. That day was April 29, 1971.

The fate of Mihir Sen is bad. They crossed the Magra river and entered the town by the side of the deputy commissioner’s residence. The sun then sets. The Pakistani aggressors were also entering the town of Netrokona at that time. A Razakar team led by a local school teacher was waiting there to greet the attackers. Mihir Sen fell in front of the attackers. At the behest of the receptionists, the Pakistani soldiers detained the four of them and picked them up in armored vehicles. Later, after being severely tortured, they lined up under the Trimohoni Bridge in Purbadhala at night and shot him. Although Mihir Sen, Siddharth Sen and Karuna Dey died, Shankar Sen miraculously survived.

Retired bank officer who witnessed the incident, and the district Udichi president Saiful Rahman Khan, the light is
incident on the next afternoon floating in the river with the help of some of the dead, he brought Shankara. He was
shot in the arm and chest . The shots were fired with the help of a local doctor. He then lived for eight years.

Mihir Kumar Sen was born in 1936. His father Hemchandra Sen was a renowned lawyer. Mother Sadhanamayi Sengupta. Mihir Sen passed secondary from Netrokona Dutt High School, higher secondary from Calcutta Vidyasagar College and LMF from Mymensingh Liton College and joined the government service. Most recently, he was an assistant surgeon at Thakurakona Healthcare Center in Sadar upazila. He is survived by his wife, two sons and two daughters. Eldest daughter Kavita Sengupta works at a research institute in Malaysia. Younger daughter Ruma Sengupta is a housewife. Son Pinaki Sen and Dhritabrata Sen are senior officials of the private sector.

Mihir Sen’s biography is included in the list of doctors in the Martyred Intellectuals Memorial of the Bangla Academy and in the Martyred Intellectual Encyclopedia of the forthcoming publication.

Mihir Sen’s wife Krishna Sengupta said the Razakars had conspired to wipe out their family. After killing Mihir Sen, they also killed his father Hemchandra Sen and brother-in-law Akhil Chandra Sen. In that horrible situation, he took refuge in a refugee camp in India with his children. When the country became independent, he returned to Netrokona and struggled hard to raise his children. After independence he received a letter signed by Prime Minister Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. In the letter, Bangabandhu expressed his condolences and sent Rs 2,000 from the Prime Minister’s Relief and Welfare Fund to their families through the sub-divisional administrator.

Text: Pallab Chakraborty , Netrokona .