June 20, 2021


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What the finance minister wrote in the note

Secret talks were going on between the two rogue ministers of ‘A’ and ‘B’ countries. The minister of ‘A’ country showed a picture of a building in his country and said, ‘It had a budget of 20 crore rupees. But I made it for 15 crore rupees and digested the rest! ‘

Then the minister of country ‘B’ showed a picture of a road and said that the allocation for the construction of this road was Tk 20 crore.

‘A’ The minister of the country was surprised and said, ‘Where is the road? I can’t see anything. ‘

‘B’ Minister smiled and said, ‘I have earned a full 20 crore rupees from the road!’

Not cut dighi

Once an engineer was transferred in charge of an area. As soon as he left, he instructed his assistant to make a report on the development work done in the last few years.

After investigating as instructed, the assistant gave him a timely report. He observed that the budget for digging a dighi was given to solve the water problem in the area and the report mentions that the dighi was dug in time.

But the problem is, despite a lot of searching, he did not find any dighi in the place mentioned in the report.

He could not understand what really happened. He also took the opportunity to report to the upper house that the people of this area drink water from the dighi and the incidence of water borne diseases including diarrhea is high here, so the budget should be given to fill the dighi and install tube wells here soon.

The budget was met in time and the ‘no cut’ tank was filled; At the same time, the pockets of an engineer and his associates were filled.

Bonus budget

A multinational company with a sudden loss posted a notice to save its employees an annual bonus budget:

If you come to the office wearing expensive clothes, we will understand that you are very well off, even if you don’t have this little bit of bonus money.

If you come into the office wearing fancy clothes, we’ll understand, you’re wasting money. So you will not be paid the annual bonus. Because you will blow it up too.

If you come to the office wearing the right clothes, we will understand that you are doing very well. So what do I hear about the bonus money?

What the finance minister wrote in the note

Drawing: Junaid Azim Chowdhury

Finance Minister’s note

Public leader John William has been appointed finance minister in country ‘A’. He came to the ministry on the first day and saw that the former finance minister had left a note and three envelopes on his desk. The note reads, “Whenever there is a problem, open the envelope one by one and follow the instructions.”

In the first year, the finance minister fell into a severe crisis. The budget does not match at all. He opened an envelope. There is a note in it. And it says, ‘Insult the previous government as you wish.’

He did just that. Surprisingly, the problem was solved immediately.

He was in danger again with the budget the following year. This time he opened the second envelope with a note in it. And it says, ‘Cancel all the plans of the previous government.’

He did just that. Surprisingly, this time too he swore off the problem.

This is the third year. This year too, John William ran into a complicated problem with a deficit budget. He immediately opened the envelope number three.

There is a note in it. And it says, ‘Resign now and make exactly three envelopes and leave them on the table.’

The problem is, the next finance minister after John Williams is his party. The three formulas of the three notes will no longer work! The way then? John finished the job in a note. And he wrote in it, ‘Do you understand the fun of me being the finance minister?’