June 19, 2021


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Fish enclosures on both sides, the road is like a ditch

Three kilometers of paved road. One kilometer of the two sides of the fish enclosure high bheri. When it rains, the water freezes there. The road became impassable. This is Garbhanga-Khal Batbila road of Jessore.

Garbhanga Bazar is well known for selling date molasses in Keshabpur Upazila of Jessore. A road has gone to the north of it in the neighboring Monirampur upazila. On the two sides of the canal Batbila edge of this road on both sides of the high fence. People are suffering while moving there.

According to the Keshabpur Upazila Engineer’s Office, bricks were laid on the connecting road in 2001 for the residents of the two upazilas. Since then, the movement of people on this road has increased.

According to local sources, fish ponds have been built on both sides of the road for 8-10 years. Since then I have been suffering from movement.

Abul Hossain of Garbhanga village, who came through the road, said he went to Jessore every day to work as a laborer. Walk three kilometers from home to Khal Batbila and go to Chinatola Bazaar by van. From there by bus to Jessore. It is difficult to travel like this every day.

Ajit Dhali of Khal Batbila village of Monirampur upazila said, although they are residents of Monirampur upazila, they go to Keshabpur for all work. Especially for treatment I have to go to Keshabpur.

Some of the villagers said that the road to Keshabpur is five miles from Garbhanga Bazar. That road is eight miles from Chinatola Bazaar.

UNO MM Arafat Hossain said that a notice has been issued to the landlord Minar Hossain due to the suffering of the people. Then necessary steps will be taken. He said UNI Monirampur had similarly issued notices to fish owners in his area to show cause.

When the owner of the house contacted Minar Hossain on his mobile phone more than once, he did not pick up the phone. No reply was received even after sending a text message.