June 18, 2021


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Patients are going to the hospital at the last minute

Freedom fighter Yusuf Ali (65) returned home after undergoing foot surgery in Bangalore, India two-three months ago. Then he was healthy. But on May 30, he suddenly started having difficulty breathing. After being taken to the hospital, it was seen that the level of oxygen in his body had decreased. Relatives rushed him to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. But there were no empty beds in Corona Ward. After many attempts, the bed was found empty in another ward, but it contained the body of a patient. The body was removed and he was laid on the bed. Oxygen mask is worn. But all the attempts failed in 15 minutes. Yusuf Ali died.

Not only Yusuf Ali, but many patients with corona infection are coming to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital after the oxygen level in the body has decreased. For this reason, many need treatment in an intensive care unit (ICU). But ICU services are not available as per the demand. Meanwhile, due to the bed crisis in the Corona unit, the hospital authorities are also giving priority to more sick patients. After admission, there is no more time to treat the patients.

Many patients are coming to Rajshahi Medical College after the level of oxygen in the body has decreased. Due to this death is more

Hospital sources said that in the last 12 days (till 10 am on Friday), 93 people died at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital with corona and corona symptoms. Of these, 58 were infected with corona. More than half of the dead patients are from Chapainawabganj. Analysis of the history of patients with corona has shown that most of them died within four days of admission. Everyone’s problem was lack of oxygen. This picture of oxygen deficiency was found by talking to the relatives of at least 15 patients who died and analyzing their medical history.

According to hospital sources, there are 16 ICU beds here. But last Thursday morning the demand for ICU beds was 6.

Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal, ICU in-charge of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, said, “This time all the patients need oxygen. Our patient transport system is not good. As a patient is being sent from Chapainawabganj to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, the patient was on oxygen support at that hospital. Lack of oxygen along the way is causing damage to his heart and brain. Even though the hospital has adequate oxygen supply, it is not possible to cure the sick patient.

Zahid Nazrul Chowdhury, a civil surgeon in Chapainawabganj , told Prothom Alo that 20 corona patients could have been admitted to Sadar Hospital earlier. It has been increased to 30 since last Wednesday. He said he was feeling more oxygen now. If the supply of oxygen is not increased, they will not be able to admit more patients.

Yusuf Ali died 15 minutes after admission

Freedom fighter Yusuf Ali (65) lives in Nayagala village of Chapainawabganj Sadar. His son Mohammad Ali said they took Yusuf Ali to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital as they could not get oxygen at Chapainawabganj Sadar Hospital.

Mohammad Ali said they reached Rajshahi Medical College Hospital with his father around 3pm on May 30. Earlier, he was taken to Chapainawabganj Sadar Hospital to find out that his father’s oxygen level had dropped to 6 percent. But after returning from India, he was healthy. On May 30, when he suddenly started having difficulty breathing, his relatives started rushing him to the hospital.

Mohammad Ali said that the doctor who was in the emergency department of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, his behavior is good enough. As there were no beds in Corona ward, they went to ward 22 on the advice of the doctor. One patient died there. He was supposed to take his father to that bed. He went to the ward and saw that the body of the patient was still in bed. There is no one to unload. Relatives of the deceased were not there at the time.

Yusuf Ali’s son complained that there was a nurse inside. But he did not cooperate. Reverse abused. Eventually in the evening they put the body in a trolley and tried to disinfect the bed. Then he put his father to bed. The nurse did not even come to wear an oxygen mask. However, a doctor prescribed drugs and injections. But that medicine was not available at the time of feeding. Yusuf Ali died within 15 minutes of being given oxygen.

Subrata Sharma also did not give time

Subrata Sharma is only 25 years old. He was a fourth year student of Zoology Department of Rajshahi College. His mother Purnima Sharma said her son had a sudden fever a few days ago. Examination on the advice of a doctor revealed that Subrata was infected with corona. He was taken to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital last Tuesday as his condition deteriorated. Then his condition worsened. He said, ‘I went to the ICU and saw that people were dying. The boy was taken to the ICU. The boy also spoke last Thursday morning. But his words were intertwined. The boy died in the morning.

Aaron’s oxygen level dropped to 75

Harun Aur Rashid (60) of Nachol in Chapainawabganj had diabetes. He contracted typhoid the day after Eid. Diabetes also increases. He was taken to Rajshahi Diabetic Hospital on the advice of a doctor. Harun’s nephew Abdul Mukit said that after taking Rajshahi, it was seen that his uncle’s oxygen level had dropped to 65. He was immediately taken to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. He died on May 29 after six days there.

Oxygen levels did not rise

Niamat Ali’s (60) house is in Kanil village of Niamatpur upazila of Naogaon. He was taken to Niamatpur Upazila Health Complex on May 28 due to fever. His son-in-law Abul Kalam Azad said that his father-in-law started having difficulty breathing around 10 pm on May 26. The next morning he was taken to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital on the advice of a doctor. His oxygen level dropped below 50. He was asked to be taken to the ICU on the morning of May 30. But the bed was not empty. He died at around 5.30 pm. Sample test results are available the next day. It is known that Niyamat was infected with Corona.