July 31, 2021


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9 out of 10 ACs are damaged, patients suffer in heat

At the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the burn unit of Rangpur Medical College Hospital, the patients are suffering due to the air-conditioning device (AC) becoming useless. 9 out of 10 ACs of the unit were damaged for 6 months. As a result, the burn patients are suffering in this heat.

The burn unit was started in July 2013 at Rangpur Medical College Hospital. This specialized unit has been providing medical services to burn patients in the north from the very beginning.

Visiting the burn unit last Thursday morning, it was seen that the relatives were sitting next to the patients and fanning their hands. Someone has arranged the air by placing a small table fan next to the bed. On this day, 14 beds were seen to treat burn patients.

According to burn unit sources, the ACs have been repaired several times. But in the last six months, they have not been fixed. The ACT in the patient dressing room is just active. MA Hamid, the doctor in charge of the unit, said that the machines are fixed after a little servicing. The director of the hospital has been informed.

Abdullah (4), a child from Sadulapur in Gaibandha, was seen taking treatment in bed number 14. Mother Afroza Begum was blowing air with a fan next to her. He said that various parts of Abdullah’s body were burnt in the fire of the stove. The boy has been undergoing treatment at the hospital for more than a month. When it gets too hot, the boy gets restless.

A young man named Ekramul Haque (28) is undergoing treatment in the next bed. He was admitted for two months. Ekramul’s back was burnt at Nageshwari in Kurigram. You have to lie on one side. Ekramul said the air inside the closed room of the hospital was also hot. Sweat and the stench spread from the burnt part of the patients.

A 60-year-old woman named Shila Rani of Birganj in Dinajpur has been undergoing treatment here for two and a half months. He is lying with a bandage on his burnt legs. His son Shipon Saha, a college student who was with him, said, ‘The condition is very weak this summer as the AC is broken. Because, it is a closed house. Hot air all the time. ‘

On Thursday morning, the director of the hospital, Rezaul Karim, said, “The ACs will be fine.” Asked when he will be fine, he said, “In a very short time.” A day after talking to him, he visited the burn unit on Friday afternoon and saw that four large stand-up fans had been provided in the two rooms.

Meanwhile, one of the admitted patients died of burns yesterday. The two have been given clearance.