June 20, 2021


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It is important to increase the capacity in the health sector

A budget of Tk 6 lakh 3 thousand 81 crore has been proposed for the next financial year. It is seen that one-third of the budget is deficit. In a country like ours, the deficit is budgeted. Borrowing from development partners is needed to meet the deficit budget. As it turns out, a third of the budget goes to interest payments. But in terms of allocation, the health sector ranks eighth.

The way in which a large part of the budget goes to interest payments, it is feared that one day interest will become a part of the budget. This is not a good sign for a nation. We will budget the deficit. But if it gets bigger, it’s dangerous. I did not see any change in the proposed budget. The budget has been given in the usual manner. Looking at the budget, it didn’t seem like we were going through the hard times.

We are importing vaccines from different countries of the world. I am also borrowing the money for importing vaccines. I can’t pay from the revenue sector. It also needs to be provided from internal sources.

Allocations are made in the budget for pensions of government officials and employees. It shouldn’t. Because, budget has nothing to do with pension. Pensions need to be made a permanent structure without being part of the budget. The money that is being spent on social security is being paid from there. Why would it be?

Now let’s talk about the health sector in the budget. We divide the budget into two parts. One is covid management. Last year, it didn’t cost much to prevent corona. Because the vaccine has not been produced all over the world yet. Since different countries of the world have produced vaccines, we have also made vaccination agreements with others. It will cost money now. The government has kept this money in the budget. This money will not come from the revenue budget. Will come from World Bank and ADB loans.

The second thing is to spend money. Vaccines should be purchased as efficiently as possible. So that there are no irregularities. We must bargain when buying vaccines. The vaccine that the government is buying for 10 dollars, the African countries are buying that vaccine for 3 or 5 dollars. Here we need to bargain more. Shopping other than tickers where corruption and syndicates are taking place, needs to be curbed. Ticker registration should be taken to more doorsteps of the people. The amount of vaccine that I can give should be brought. He brought many vaccines together, but they were not used. That wouldn’t be right.

The main reason for not spending money in the health sector is inefficiency. The reason the money continues is that the ministry cannot spend the money from the development budget. Therefore, it is important to increase the capacity in the health sector.