June 20, 2021


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Five out of five Brazilians in Neymar’s light

Brazil has decided to host the Copa America in the wake of the Corona epidemic. The Brazilian players are angry about the matter. But nothing off the field affected the game on the field. Brazil beat Ecuador 2-0 in the World Cup qualifier. Neymar and Richardson scored the goals. With this victory of Porto Alegre, they have won all five of the five matches played in the World Cup qualifiers.

Brazil played 4-3-3. In front of Liverpool goalkeeper Alison in the central defense, PSG’s Americans and Real Madrid’s team also joined. Danilo (rightback) and Alex Sandro (leftback) of Juventus played as two fullbacks on both sides.

The moment Neymar scored from the penalty spot.

The moment Neymar scored from the penalty spot. 
Photo: Reuters

Manchester United’s Fred and Olympic Lion’s Lucas Paketa have played with captain Casimiro as midfielders. Flamengo’s Gabriel Barbosa played as the main striker, leaving Neymar left in the attack. Richardson played as a right winger.

Ecuador seems to have kept itself open from the beginning. That doesn’t mean Brazil were playing great. After a long absence, Gabriel got several chances to play in the original XI, but could not use them. Gabriel’s goal in the 41st minute from Richardson’s cross, however, was canceled out due to offside.

List of points at the end of five matches.

List of points at the end of five matches. 
Photo: Twitter

After a dull performance in the first half, the Brazilian coach made some strategic changes in the second half. He picked up Fred in the first half and fielded Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus. And this one changed the face of the Brazilian game.

Richardson moved to the left wing, leaving Gabriel Barbosa as the lone striker at the top, and Neymar began playing the role of ‘Number Ten’. Gabriel Jesus moved to the right wing left by Richardson. In midfield, Lucas Paketa continues to control the game with the role of ‘Deep Lying Playmaker’.

Richardson scored Brazil's first goal before Neymar.

Richardson scored Brazil’s first goal before Neymar.
Photo: Reuters

Ecuador did not know the answer to Brazil’s new strategy. Finally, Brazil scored in the 85th minute. Richardson took a shot from the left edge of the D-box with the ball from Neymar from the offensive midfield position. Ecuador’s goalkeeper Alexander Duminges could not stop.

Brazil got a penalty at the very last moment of the match. Even though Neymar’s shot was blocked by Duminges, it can be seen through VAR that the Ecuadorian goalkeeper came out of his own line when he took the penalty. As a result, the referee gave Brazil another chance to take a penalty.

Gabigol could not spread the light even though he got a chance in the XI.

Gabigol could not spread the light even though he got a chance in the XI.
Photo: Reuters

Neymar did not make a mistake this time. With this, he scored four goals in the qualifying round. The star is now the second highest scorer in the qualifying round. In all, Neymar scored 75 goals in 104 appearances for Brazil. During this time he has helped the goal 45 times. Neymar is at the top of these two lists only if he gets it.

Neymar, who has played a role in both goals, has played great, not to mention. He is successful with 8 percent successful pass. Besides, he has dribbled four times and crossed twice. By fouling Brazil’s biggest star five times, Ecuador explained what their main strategy was. But it did not help!

Brazil's game changed soon after Jesus came down.

Brazil’s game changed soon after Jesus came down. 
Photo: AFP

Meanwhile, Real Madrid’s Milita is also slowly securing his place next to Americanos as the center-back of Brazil’s main XI. From behind, he has increased the number of successful passes by 75: 95.4 percent. Seven successful tackles; He also gave the ball four times from behind. He cleared the team twice.

However, Gabriel Jesus explained that although he has always been considered a striker, he is actually more effective on the wing. Brazil’s playing edge has increased a lot since Jesus came down. During this time they were able to attack quickly many times. Brazil could have scored a few more goals if they hadn’t missed some easy chances in the second half.

Neymar will play against Paraguay in Asuncion next Tuesday. No wonder Jesus played in the right wing and Richardson in the left wing from the very beginning in the 4-2-3-1 table in that match!