June 18, 2021


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The elephant pays homage to the mahout

We know many stories of friendly relations between humans and pets. With the help of internet and social media, many such stories from different parts of the world are now in our hands. One such video from the Indian state of Kerala has recently gone viral on social media. But the story behind it is quite emotional paying homage to an elephant at the last farewell of the beloved mahout.

The incident took place on Thursday in Kottayam district of the southern state of Kerala, Indian media NDTV reported on Friday. The name of the elephant in the viral video is Pallatu Brahmadathan. And Mahut’s name is Kunakkar Damodaran Nair. To the locals he was known as Omanachettan.

As seen in the video, when Mahut Omanachettan died, his body was kept on the verandah of the house. The last journey will start after a while. At that time a man crossed the yard from the garden and brought his favorite elephant Brahmadathan in front of the verandah. After coming in front of the corpse, the elephant raised its trunk twice in a row to pay homage to the dead mahout. At one stage, Rajesh, son of Mahut Omanachettan, came down from the verandah. He caressed the elephant’s head and trunk with his hands. The elephant was then taken back. At this time, the locals crowded in the yard and saw the emotional scene of the last farewell of Mahut Omanachettan with his beloved animal.

Someone present in the backyard of Omanachettan’s house at that time videotaped the whole incident and uploaded it on social media. He uploaded the video on Facebook on Thursday and wrote in the caption that when the elephant Brahmadathan’s mahout came to pay his last respects to Omanachettan, he died today. In less than 24 hours after uploading, the video was viewed by around 6 lakh people. More than 24,000 people responded. More than 10 thousand have commented.

Indian Forest Department official Parveen Kaswan shared the video on Twitter after finding it on WhatsApp. The caption of the post reads, ‘Heart touched, the elephant paying last respects to the mahout.’ Within hours, more than 10,600 Twitter users had watched the video in Parvin’s post.