June 18, 2021


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It is a pleasure to feed the masses

The country’s 50th budget proposal was tabled recently. In that joy, the general public got the opportunity to eat what else but mango? One possibility is as clear as daylight that no matter what else, the cover can be found at least cheaply. In the language of the poet, the melody and the words can be combined to say, ‘I am happy to eat this murdi …’!

The subject of eating murdi is used in our society in a slightly trivial manner. If there is nothing to do and the frustration is extreme, it is advisable to eat murdi. But if you use mustard oil or pickle oil, onion-pepper, chanachur, onion, purple, etc., the turnip is very delicate. This year’s budget has again encouraged the use of local things. So the general public can be optimistic.

But is there nothing in the budget for the mango people but a turn? Maybe there is. But it is so deep that it is difficult for ordinary people like me to find the floor in it. I can’t even get that. As far as I got, it was understood that in this world of epidemics, I have to go through the same tax as before, even though I have earned a lot of money. There is no excuse.

But traders have got a lot. According to the media, there are discounts for traders. There are proposals to reduce corporate tax rates. There is a minimum discount regardless of profit or loss. Again advance VAT lotus 1 percent. Even the punishment has been reduced! According to the news, the amount of VAT penalty has also been reduced. The amount of fines imposed for VAT evasion, failure and irregularities has been doubled to double the amount of revenue involved. In other words, traders will have to pay less fine if they commit a crime or evade VAT. Understand then, what is Sonakpal!

If you want to make a profit by buying a cover, you have to buy a ‘corporate’ cover. That’s it. What else is there in life? Just because there is no business today, the bullies in the world of Maskabari like me are deprived of various benefits.

When someone finds something, of course, there is nothing like a very ordinary ‘eating murdi’ person like me. We have accepted that if we get, we can get little. The stomach has become smaller after eating as little as possible. Just a little squeak in an empty heart when you don’t get anything. Koi also tries to swallow it like a fish thorn. Failing at one stage, it turned out to be due to the creation of bored eyes. I remember the famous song sung by the famous singer Andrew Kishore, ‘I just fell in love, I didn’t get love, day after day in hope, hope was not fulfilled …’.

At one stage the mind becomes depressed at the melody of that song. However, there are elements to make it better in this budget. That is an optimism – even if the price of the cover can be reduced! In this year’s budget, value added tax (VAT / VAT) has been exempted at the local level for the production of turnips. But that’s not to say you can’t plan to fill your stomach right now by buying a cover at a lower price. Because, there is a question mark as to whether the price of mudri will go down at all. Because, the concerned traders say, the collection of VAT on the production of murdi would not have been so much for so long. However, corporates will get VAT exemption on the production and sale of turnips.

In other words, if you want to make a profit by buying a cover, you have to buy a ‘corporate’ cover. That’s it. What else is there in life? Just because there is no business today, the bullies in the world of Maskabari like me are deprived of various benefits. The others took the oil, and my bowl was left to dry.

Stay, skip. Instead of thinking so much, let’s start eating murdi. It is better to start early when you need to eat. Let’s try to overcome the frustration by eating murdi. At the same time, future plans to become a businessman can also be added. Wherever it rains, there should be an umbrella, right?