June 18, 2021


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The Argentine footballer said he was not dead

Kadambini Devi, the protagonist of Rabindranath Tagore’s famous short story ‘The Living and the Dead’, had to prove that she was alive. Argentine star footballer Christian Pavon, however, did not have to do such a terrible thing. Divya is alive, Pavan. But suddenly the news of his death went viral.

To prove that Pavan is not dead, Pavan has to upload pictures one after another through social media.

The time is not going very well for the forward of Boca Juniors. Pavan was accused of rape last March. The case was also taken to court. This time I have to hear the news of my own death!

Argentina played with Lionel Messi in the 2018 World Cup. The then coach Jorge Sampaoli was very excited about him. But in the end he could not keep his rhythm. Pavan dropped out of the national team. Bokar was also dropped from the team due to poor performance. Then last season he played on loan at US club LA Galaxy. This season, however, the fool is back again.

Pavan is returning to foolishness.

Pavan is returning to foolishness.
Photo: Twitter

Pavan’s defeat was due to his return to the foolish team. Suddenly news spread that he had died in a road accident on his way back to Mexico from the United States. And then that news went viral on social media.

At one stage, Pavan had to prove his survival by posting a picture of himself on Instagram. Pavan, annoyed by these fake news, said, ‘They have no common sense? Go and put oil on your wheel. Don’t follow others. ‘

Pavan’s relatives are very worried about the news of such a fake death. That’s why Pavan said, ‘Everyone is worried about me. I don’t feel good at all. ‘