June 20, 2021


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Call for awakening to protect the environment

The boundary wall of the palace of the ancient kingdom. The surroundings of this installation 500 years ago are densely green with various species of trees. An old banyan tree is going through the shade. The natural environment is under threat due to the integrated call standing under the tree, cutting down the hills and deforestation. It is impossible to get rid of this situation by law alone, it requires awareness and awakening of all classes of people.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, the people who took part in such a program at Battala of Rajbari in Jaintapur upazila of Sylhet on Friday afternoon made this call to protect the environment. The organizing organization has named it ‘Citizen Bonding to Protect the Environment’.

Bangladesh Paribesh Andolan (BAPA) Sylhet and Jaintapur-based civic organization ‘Sari Nadi Bachao Andolan’ organizes civic bonds. The program runs from four to five-thirty on Friday afternoon. Hundreds of people of different classes and professions of Jaintapur Upazila spontaneously united in it.

According to the organizers, the place where the program called Nagarik Bandhan was held is an ancient and traditional place in the Sylhet region. The palace of the ancient Jaintashwari kingdom. The infrastructure there is still there. The boundary wall of the palace is on one side of the huge banyan tree in the courtyard of the palace.

The largest earthquake in the Sylhet region in 1897 marked the collapse of the palace. A magnitude 6.0 earthquake shook the city of Sylhet on May 29 and the following day. Experts say Jaintapur is one of its origins. They called on the people to be aware of the protection of the environment and nature by standing by the side of the ruins of the earthquake nearly 200 years ago.

Abdul Karim Chowdhury, Central Organizing Secretary of BAPAR, addressed the function as the chief guest during the civic gathering conducted by Abdul Hai Al Hadi, President of Sari Nadi Bachao Andolan, presided over by Abdus Shukur, a veteran of Jaintapur. Manoj Kumar Sen, Shahed Ahmed, General Secretary of Jaintapur Press Club Golam Sarwar and Endu Khangla of Khasi community expressed solidarity with the demand for protection of environment.

Speakers who took part in the civic bond said that in the name of development, the festival of environmental destruction is held first and foremost, in which hills and hills are cut down and trees are cut down freely. There is also a tendency to create unplanned infrastructure by occupying, polluting and filling up rivers and destroying wetlands. But there is no lack of law to protect the environment. But it goes without saying that there is no visible and effective implementation of those laws. Therefore, ordinary people must come forward to prevent environmental disasters. The environment cannot be protected in any way without the awakening of the common man.