June 20, 2021


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NETHERLANDS: Hope to make up for the lack of Fon Dyke

Who will win the Euro? The question is actually about 100 crore rupees. The champion team of Euro will get 10 million Euros, which is about 100 crore rupees in Bangladeshi currency. The search for the answer to that question will start on June 11 and end on July 11. Finding the answer to this question can be easy for you if you know the details of the 24 teams participating in the Euro.

1982 and 1986 World Cups, 1974 Euros. When the Netherlands won the Euro in 1986, the holders of ‘Total Football’ did not get a place in any international competition for the previous eight years. If you want, you can expect history to repeat itself. The Netherlands, which is going to play Euro this time, has not got a chance in any international tournament for seven years!

The Netherlands, who did not get a chance in the 2016 Euro and 2018 World Cup, arranged themselves well under Ronald Koman. Although Coman left Barcelona last year, the former European defender has been replaced by Frank de Boer. Not much has changed. De Boer is taking the Dutch to the euro following the path shown by Koman. The 28-member team has also announced.

Team: Netherlands

FIFA ranking: 17

Those who are in the team


Tim Krul (Norwich City), Marco Bijot (AZ Alcomer), Marten Stekelenberg (Ajax)


Mattis de Licht (Juventus), Stefan de Vrei (Inter Milan), Nathan Ake (Manchester City), Daily Blind (Ajax), Joel Weltman (Brighton), Urien Timber (Ajax)

Rightback / Right Wingback

Denzel Dumfries (PSV)

Leftback / Left Wingback

Patrick von Anhalt (Crystal Palace), Wayne Windall (AZ Alcomer)

Central midfielder / defensive midfielder

Giorgio Vinaldo (Liverpool), Frankie de Young (Barcelona), Marten de Run (Atalanta), Davy Klaassen (Ajax), Tun Coopminers (AZ Alcomer)

Attacking midfielder

Ryan Gravenberg (Ajax), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moscow), Donnie von de Beck (Manchester United)

Winger / Wide Midfielder

Steven Berguis (Feyenoord), Cody Gakpo (PSV)


Vout Veghorst (Wolfsburg), Luke de Young (Sevilla), Memphis Depi (Olympic Lyon), Daniel Malan (PSV)


Frank de Boer


Georgino Vinaldom

The best success in the euro

Champion (198)

Captain Fon Dyke is out due to injury.

Captain Fon Dyke is out due to injury.
Photo: FIFA

Opponents in the group

Ukraine (June 13)

Austria (June 18)

Northern Macedonia (June 21)

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Italy: Coming in a new form

Italy squad.


The biggest strength in the Netherlands উপস্থিত the presence of a number of talented players. De Licht in defense, Windall, de Young in midfield, Coopminers, Gravenburch, von de Bick, Malone in attack; The Netherlands is one of the youngest talented players in the Euros. There are also veterans like Vinaldom, Depai, De Vray, Day Runes.

De Young is in charge of the midfield

De Young is in charge of the midfield
Photo: Twitter


Virgil von Dyke, the main captain of the team, is not in the team. This news is negative for the Netherlands in two ways. Not only is the Dutch losing a great centerback, the Dutch will also suffer from a lack of leadership. The absence of key goalkeeper Jasper Chilesen is also a cause for concern. Due to the absence of these two, according to the essence of ‘Total Football’, the Dutch will suffer a lot in attacking from behind.

There is no phone dyke, the main responsibility of maintenance is on the shoulders of de Likht

There is no phone dyke, the main responsibility of maintenance is on the shoulders of de Likht
Photo: Twitter

One of the main reasons for the great form of the Netherlands in the last two years was Ronald Koman’s sharp brain. Although the Netherlands fell behind in many matches, the Dutch later won the match due to Koman’s tactical brain. Frances de Boer, a multiple-time league winner for Ajax, has yet to set an example in this way. De Boer has been laid off from his last three jobs, so the Netherlands can’t be blamed for the ‘red clouds’.

Many players in the original XI have no worthy alternative. The question arises as to who is in the team to perform at the same standard as an alternative to DePay, De Young, De Vrei or Vinaldom.

Possible XI of the Netherlands

Possible XI of the Netherlands
Photo: Collected

Possible XI and game strategy (4-3-3 / 5-3-2)

The table for this team in the Netherlands is basically two. 4-3-3 against a weaker team, 5-3-2 or 3-5-2 with an extra defender against a relatively strong team.

De Licht and De Vrey, right-back Dumfries and left-back Windall will be the two center-backs on the main goalkeeper crew in the 4-3-3 table. De Young Deplaying midfielder will cut the press from behind and get the ball out, sending the ball perfectly to the front — he will do all these things. Although seen in a defensive role for Liverpool, Vinaldo was given a license to attack in the Dutch team.

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Croatia: Will the lack of Rakitic-Manjukic be met?

ক্রোয়েশিয়ার চোখ শিরোপার দিকে।

Vinaldom, who captained the team in the absence of Fon Dyke, will play an offensive role. Now De Boer doesn’t want the team to play offensively, the rest of the midfielder will be selected depending on him. Davi Klaassen wants an extra attack, Atalanta de Rune wants to play a little Royce. Depike will play as a striker against the big team up front, De Boer will have the strategy to beat the big team with his clever movement and speed. Malone, Quincy Promes and Steven Berguis will play on either side of the Dipay.

Sevilla’s ‘Number Nine’ Luke de Young will be the main striker, leaving Depai on the left in a game against a weaker side. Then another winger will be either one of Berguis and Promes.

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Belgium: Doubts about Hazard and de Bruyne

বেলজিয়াম ইউরোর শিরোপার বড় দাবিদার দলগুলোর একটি।

In the 3-5-2 table, De Licht and Day Vry will be played as center-backs on the left side, followed by Ajax’s Dalei Blind, or at least Nathan Ake of Manchester City. In that case, Day Rune will be removed from midfield.

Seven to eight teams have the ability to win the Euro this time. If we can get to the semifinals, I think that’s a good result

Frank de Boer, Netherlands coach

Expectations and realities

There is no doubt that there are some great young footballers in this team of Netherlands. But the absence of some important players like Fon Dyke and Chilesen could hurt the team. The Netherlands may not be hoping for a title, but the team can be satisfied if they can somehow reach the semi-finals.