June 18, 2021


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Jamie understands Bangladesh football well

In the incredible draw against Afghanistan, all the pressure has been on the hill for now. The points of Bangladesh team matched. Jamie Day’s job is also thought to have been saved.

The Bangladesh football team has gone to Qatar to play the last three matches of the World Cup qualifiers with multi-faceted pressure. There was special pressure on Jamie. The job of this English coach seems to be hanging in the balance. One side of the football federation is very dissatisfied with his performance. At times, BFF vice-president Ataur Rahman Bhuiyan spread false news about the coach’s job. BFF president Kazi Salauddin also expressed dissatisfaction after the final loss in the three-nation tournament in Nepal last March. As a result, Jamie’s fortunes have been cut short in the last three World Cup qualifiers.

There could be two reasons for dissatisfaction with the coach. One is that the coach did not want to play the match when he went to Doha last December unprepared at the request of Qatar. Jamie also spoke a few words about this in the media. Another is that BFF officials are not liking his widely discussed defensive tactics. They may believe that if they played offensive football, Bangladesh’s chances of victory would be heavier. The issue was raised even after the match in Afghanistan the day before yesterday. Bangladesh drew the match with a goal in the 64th minute. Jamie’s straightforward reply is, ‘By no means. If we play an open match against a strong team, we have to count the fees. In the Afghanistan match we tried to stay in the game all the time, it matched 1 point. Otherwise I could have lost this match. ‘ Accepting the fact that Afghanistan is ahead in strength, goal scorer Tapu Varman realized, At the end of ’60 minutes the Afghans were a little tired and we got a place to play as they focused on holding on to the goal. We also had nothing to lose, so everyone attacked and scored. But if I didn’t play from the beginning, I would have scored two or three goals. Even if one goal was scored then there would be no benefit.

Smaller teams will play defensively against stronger teams, that’s normal. Sometimes you will try on the counter, it is a great surprise when the goal is matched. Going beyond this formula and showing the luxury of attack means walking the path of suicide. Jamie can’t do that as a professional coach, he has become disgusted when he goes to play according to the football coaching book. Jamie has a clear idea about the capabilities of the Bangladesh team and his footballers. They can’t play with the ball on their feet. There is no such creativity in the middle and the forward line is also blind. That is better understood when you play with an opponent of equal strength. Then you have to play to win, it creates gaps in the defense and the goal is digested. Due to this, Nepal has also collapsed in the three-nation cup. In fact, it takes two or three match winners to win a match, Who can make a difference on the field. In the absence of that, the English coach has created a great ‘teamwork’ in the team like him. The footballers in this team will be at the pinnacle of fitness, running on the field and helping to maintain. Then he will attack if he gets a chance. This is Jamie’s theory.

It cannot be said that he did very badly in this way. So far he has 10 wins in 25 matches and four draws. The great draw match is against Afghanistan. After the success of Bangladesh’s dream of points in this dramatic 1-1 draw in the first test of the last three matches of the World Cup qualifiers, the coach is a bit dependent. As before, he says, ‘I’m not thinking about the job.’