June 18, 2021


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A 124-year-old woman from Jammu and Kashmir was vaccinated against corona

Rehti Begum of Wagora block in Barmulla district of Jammu and Kashmir has taken the first dose of coronavirus vaccine. Health workers said he was 124 years old. That is what has been seen in the ration card.

However, he has no documents other than ration card to prove this age. According to Indian media reports, health workers are going door-to-door to administer the first dose of coronavirus vaccine. 

Meanwhile, Rehati Begum came in front of them. The woman claimed to be 124 years old at the time. But Kani Tanaka of Japan is currently the oldest woman in the world.

According to Guinness World Records, Kani Tanakar of Japan is 116 years old. Rehati Begum is six years older than him. However, the record for the oldest woman in the world so far was held by Jean Calment of France. 

He died in 1996 at the age of 122. According to Guinness World Records, she is the oldest woman in the world. 

Rehati Begum is two years older than him. However, Rehati Begum’s age is not yet recognized by Guinness World Records. Despite this, the health workers have given information about his age. A doctor confirmed that Rehati Begum was vaccinated by a mobile vaccination unit last Wednesday.

Advocate Naresh Chandra Mukherjee convener and Dr. The Bogra District Convening Committee of Sampriti Bangladesh has approved the appointment of Shafiq Amin Kajal as Member Secretary. Dr. is the joint convener of the approved committee. SM Millat and Advocate Bernard Tamal Mandal. 

The members are- Pradeep Bhattacharya Shankar, Sagar Kumar Roy, Tawfiq Hasan Moyna, Saeed Siddiqui, Dr. Gopal Chandra Roy, Advocate Nurus Salam Sagar, Rahul Gazi, Dr. Supratik Sagar, Rakib Jewel, Dr. Amit Saha, Advocate Husne-Nur Rashid, Mizanur Rahman, Poet Azizar Rahman Taj, Prabir Barua, Nazia Akhter, Bidhan Chandra Singh, Mary Margaret Soren, Advocate Anwar Hossain Payel, Sajib Saha, Advocate Atik Mahmud, Advani Sarkar, KM Shahidul Haque, Gopal Chandra Sarkar, Masood Karim, Advocate Nurun Nabi and Sanju Kumar.