June 18, 2021


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Crowds of visitors flock to Istanbul’s new mosque

The image of Istanbul’s famous Taksim Square is no longer the same. Crowds flock to the newly built mosque premises for Friday prayers. The mosque was inaugurated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with Friday prayers on May 26.

Visitors come here from far and wide. Tired citizens of the busiest city come here and breathe the open sky. Now that the mosque has been opened, the crowd of visitors continues to grow. 

Worshipers stand on the street outside the mosque to take part in the Friday prayers held yesterday. Worshipers stood around Taksim Square to offer prayers. A large number of women also took part in the Friday prayers. They come here from different parts of Istanbul. 

“We are here to see the beginnings of a new history in this traditional courtyard and tourist area,” said Fatema, a Syrian woman who attended Friday. I never imagined I would visit the area. Because we had the idea, the area is for foreign tourists and young people. They come here to talk at night. He goes shopping. ‘ 

The first Friday after the inauguration was held. To prevent corona infection, the worshipers stay inside the mosque by following the hygiene rules and ensuring distance. So there were not many worshipers inside the mosque. The number of worshipers outside the mosque was even higher. 

kalerkanthoThousands of worshipers took part in the Friday prayers at the Taksim Mosque. 

It’s not just locals who come to Taksim Square. On the contrary, a large number of European tourists have also visited the mosque during the Friday prayers. Marie from Spain knew nothing about this new mosque in Istanbul. However, after receiving the news, he left to see it. 

Expressing her feelings, Marie said, ‘Very captivating scene. Let everyone be silent and listen to something. I did not understand. However, the scene attracts everyone. I am waiting for the mosque gathering to end. Then I will go inside and take some memorable pictures. This mosque is as beautiful as any other mosque in Istanbul. 

Mauritanian young Usman lived in Istanbul for three years. He said the mosque would not become a new symbol of Taksim Chattar, but would create a new atmosphere of solemnity. When he came to take part in Zuma, Usman said, ‘I have come from far away. Today it is a historical event. The mosque will become a tourist destination like other traditional mosques in Istanbul in the next few years. 

Long ago, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan planned to build a mosque in Taksim Square. The first attempt was made to build a mosque here in 1950, but it was halted due to various bureaucratic complications on the pretext of secularism. Finally, the construction work started on February 17, 2016 and was completed in four years.  

The mosque is built on 26,617 square feet in Taksim Square, the busiest city in Istanbul. In this way more than four thousand devotees will be able to perform prayers together. Two Turkish designers designed the three-story mosque.

There is also a conference room and exhibition hall inside the mosque. The inside of the mosque is also decorated with plates of the Qur’an made by the famous Turkish calligrapher Davut Bekta and Adam Turan. About 2,250 worshipers will be able to perform prayers in the 2,482-square-foot mosque. Moreover, there is a minaret 61 meters long.