June 20, 2021


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Armed villagers announce mosque mike, clash for 5 months

In Madan Palli of Netrokona, the two sides have been clashing for five months by announcing the mike of the mosque. Today, Saturday (June 5) morning, thousands of people gathered with native weapons, announcing clashes in the mics of mosques in 8 villages. Armed people are staying in different places as it is raining. Extreme tension is prevailing in the area. Bloody clashes can lead to casualties at any time.

It is learned that Manik Mia of Bausa village of Naikpur union sold 2% of the land of Janata Bazar to Faujdar Mia of Makhna village of the same union. Manik Mia’s tinshed, Faujdar Mia and Shantu Mia’s newly built half-baked shop were demolished by the market committee and locals as they built shops on the land purchased by Faujdar Mia. Sohail Khan, son of Faujdar Miah of Makhna village, became the plaintiff in the case and filed a case accusing 50/60 unidentified persons, including eight people, including Azizul Haque, chairman of the market committee, demanding compensation of Tk 20 lakh. Due to this, Noagaon, Bausa, Talukkanai Alamshri and Sonakhali – these 5 villages clashed with Makhna village on 16 February this year at Goura Haor near Singha Bazar. More than 50 people, including police, were injured in the hours-long clash. Police fired 11 rounds of blank shots that day to bring the situation under control. Thus, the local administration was restless in clashes for 5 months at different times.

Elkar, who did not want to be named, said that since the clashes, people from Noagaon, Bausa, Talukkanai Alamshri, Sonakhali (5 villages) have not had any contact with the people of Makhna village. Travel to relatives’ homes is closed. Some shops in Makhna village have been closed till now as no one from Makhna village has visited Janata Bazar for five months. It is the decision of the local matubbars that they will have to pay a fine if they travel to any event or if someone dies. Many are ruining kinship for fear of fines.

Naikpur UP chairman Atiqur Rahman told Roman Kaler Kanth that he has been trying to resolve the issue with the local administration and Matubbars for a long time. But it is not working. On Saturday, thousands of people from that village were again in their respective positions armed with local weapons. There is a risk of death in a bloody clash at any time.  

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Madan Police Station Ferdous Alam said there has been tension in Naikpur Union for a long time. I have been talking to people on both sides of the issue from time to time. People on both sides declared war for domination. Police are in the area today to keep the situation under control.
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6 / Sampriti Bangladesh’s Bogra convening committee approves

Advocate Naresh Chandra Mukherjee convener and Dr. The Bogra District Convening Committee of Sampriti Bangladesh has approved the appointment of Shafiq Amin Kajal as Member Secretary. Dr. is the joint convener of the approved committee. SM Millat and Advocate Bernard Tamal Mandal. 

The members are- Pradeep Bhattacharya Shankar, Sagar Kumar Roy, Tawfiq Hasan Moyna, Saeed Siddiqui, Dr. Gopal Chandra Roy, Advocate Nurus Salam Sagar, Rahul Gazi, Dr. Supratik Sagar, Rakib Jewel, Dr. Amit Saha, Advocate Husne-Nur Rashid, Mizanur Rahman, Poet Azizar Rahman Taj, Prabir Barua, Nazia Akhter, Bidhan Chandra Singh, Mary Margaret Soren, Advocate Anwar Hossain Payel, Sajib Saha, Advocate Atik Mahmud, Advani Sarkar, KM Shahidul Haque, Gopal Chandra Sarkar, Masood Karim, Advocate Nurun Nabi and Sanju Kumar.