July 30, 2021


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At least 70 percent of people need vaccines

There is no ticker option. US President Biden says 60 percent of adults will be vaccinated at least 1 dose before Independence Day on July 4 so that everyone can celebrate Independence Day in a normal open environment. There must be a scientific basis for the idea that the situation can be normalized by ensuring that it is clear, vaccinated. Otherwise, the United States could not have relied so much on such initiatives.

Not only in our country, but also in other countries, many people did not want to get vaccinated at first. He used to say that if he gets vaccinated, he is afraid of more corona. Absolutely wrong. Later, however, the situation gradually changed. People are crazy about ticks now! Significant information has recently been served in Smithsonian.com magazine. Serena, a small town in Brazil, has a program to vaccinate all its adults.

Already 95 percent have been vaccinated. Now the coronavirus infection has completely decreased there and the people of the city have returned to normal life.

Many countries are now creating these examples. We have to go that way. Vaccines, vaccines and vaccines. And with that the mask and other hygiene rules. Only then will we get back to a healthy and normal life and livelihood. And the country will get a strong economy.

But we need to keep in mind that it is difficult to control corona unless at least 60 percent of the country’s population is vaccinated. Some people have already been vaccinated in two doses. More vaccines are being brought in from China and Russia. We need the help of the international community. It is also important to implement the vaccine initiative in the country quick

Of course, those who have been infected with corona once are now healthy, some of them may have corona a second time, but there is no doubt that their bodies have a fairly good level of coronavirus immunity. Although it is difficult to know the number of them, it is possible to find out by conducting a rough survey. All in all, the corona outbreak can be controlled if a large portion of the country’s population is vaccinated.
People need awareness

But people need to be aware. Indifference to masks brings deadly danger. You must wear a mask when walking outside. Now many people wear a mask for the strictures of the law. But there is no benefit. Covering the face and nose is the real thing. Trouble is, will be. But there is nothing bigger than life.

If I wear a mask, I will get protection, others in the neighborhood will also get it. But if I wear a mask and the person next to me doesn’t, then we are both at risk. With this in mind, everyone needs to be health conscious.
Specific area-based vaccines

The risk of corona is not the same everywhere in the country. As no one in St. Martin has yet been affected by Corona, it is a matter of great hope. This means that if the way everyone there is health conscious is followed in all parts of the country, then we can achieve great success. On the other hand, in the districts of the country where the infection is more, it is necessary to arrange for quick vaccination. If we can implement such a program by organizing vaccinations all over the country, then it is good. But is that possible? And without that, we can’t get so many vaccines at once. Therefore, considering the risk, there will be a possibility of getting benefits easily if the vaccine is arranged based on a specific area. Tickers have been formatted on the basis of this principle before. It must be kept in the future.