June 20, 2021


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Rajshahi students change days by selling mangoes online

My father drove a rickshaw in Dhaka. The boy studied at Rajshahi University (RU). Two years later, the youngest son was admitted to Jahangirnagar University (JU). This time the father can no longer get up. The cost of education of the two brothers was strained. The world does not want to continue. The eldest son then tried to pay for his education by doing various jobs including tuition. But nothing happens. The study was about to stop. At such a time is the mango season. The idea of ​​selling mangoes online has changed their lives.

The eldest son’s name is Jewel Mamun. He studied economics at RU. Youngest son Alamgir Hossain is a student of Government and Politics Department in JU. The house is in Ratan Barish village of Ghatail upazila of Tangail.

Jewel Mamun and Alamgir Hossain are busy packing mangoes at Baneshwar Bazar in Rajshahi.

Jewel Mamun and Alamgir Hossain are busy packing mangoes at Baneshwar Bazar in Rajshahi.

Income from mango

About three years ago. The mango season of Seba was the holy month of Ramadan. University vacation. The two brothers opened a page on Facebook called ‘Fruit Hat’. Mangoes were collected from the orchards as per the choice of the buyers and delivered to the courier. About five thousand kg of mango was sold in the first year.

The next year he made a rule, you have to send money first and make a booking. The response was similar. About 15,000 kg of mango was sold. Last year 30 thousand kg was sold. This time too their activities are in full swing.

Gopalbhog has sent 4,000 kg at the beginning of the season. Two brothers along with five other workers carried out the work at Baneshwar Mango Bazaar in Puthia, Rajshahi. One of the staff just ensures the quality of the mango. Others weigh mangoes, pack them, send them by courier or car. Mangoes are shipped as per the demand of the buyers.

Jewel Mamun said, ‘The university has been closed for the last two seasons due to Corona. We have been able to take the helm of the world by trading mangoes in the midst of many uncertainties. The jewelers have paved the raw floor of the house from the income of the business and put a new tin canopy on top. Have farmed cattle. The farm now has two bulls.

Jewel is now studying at the postgraduate level, in Alamgir’s second year. For four months, their father no longer had to drive a rickshaw.

Not just Jewel-Alamgir

According to Women and E-Commerce (WI), an organization of women entrepreneurs, 185 entrepreneurs associated with them are trading mangoes online in Rajshahi district. 140 of them are women. Mostly students. They are leaning towards mango business as educational institutions are closed.

Oishee Tabassum, a student of Rajshahi Women’s Polytechnic Institute, sells mangoes on Facebook through a page called ‘Mangoshahi’. Last year, he sold 300 kg of Gopalbhog and Himsagar mangoes. Neepa Sengupta, a history student of Rajshahi Women’s College, has passed the graduation (honors) examination. The results have not been published yet. He has started getting the benefits of selling fruits online. As of June 3, he had sent 1,600 kg of mangoes to buyers. He has a Facebook page called ‘Amrit Swad’.

Nipa Sengupta, a student of Rajshahi Women's College, collects mangoes from a mango orchard in Doari village of Paba upazila.

Nipa Sengupta, a student of Rajshahi Women’s College, collects mangoes from a mango orchard in Doari village of Paba upazila.
Abul Kalam Muhammad Azad

On the afternoon of June 3, Neepa Sengupta was seen visiting the mango orchard of Habibur Rahman in Doari village of Paba upazila, overseeing the booking of mangoes for her customers. He said, ‘I am sending 300 kg of Himsagar mango to the buyers of Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Sylhet and Noakhali. The price for sending one kg of mango to Dhaka with courier cost is 90 rupees, and 98 rupees per kg outside Dhaka.

Many students in Rajshahi have started a mango business by opening a Facebook page. Barind University student said. Saki Ahmed said that almost all his friends have opened various pages for selling mangoes through Facebook this year. Inagal.com, Kinab.com, Rajshahi Mango, Storehouse of Mango কত how many more beautiful names. These entrepreneurs may have a story to tell.