June 18, 2021


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It gives me the impression of a big screen

I had been hearing about acting on the big screen for a year. In the midst of this speculation, Afran Nisho further inflamed the discussion by just writing the word ‘Big Screen’ on a Facebook status. Ever since the status was given, that possibility has become even stronger for the fans. There are over two thousand comments in the comment box of the status. In most of the comments, the fans have given their opinion in favor of acting in Nishor’s film. Some even greeted him in advance. Some wrote, ‘You deserve it’. Someone wrote again, ‘Get down quickly’.

Siam Ahmed and Afran Nisho are starring in the web series Mirage

Siam Ahmed and Afran Nisho are starring in the web series Mirage
Photo: Prothom Alo

But the problem is that the trailer that surrounds Nishor’s status is not that of a movie. This is the trailer of Shihab Shaheen’s web series Marichikaar made for OTT platform Charki. So why did Nisho say ‘big screen’ in the status?

According to Afran Nishor, the kind of discussion that has been created on social media since the release of the mirage trailer is a new phenomenon for him. He said everyone in the mirage trailer is praising his work, discussing. In his words, ‘It gives me the impression of the big screen. This is the implication of the status quo.

Nisho said he has long wanted to work on the big screen. So far there have been meetings with four or five stories. All are positive. He will work on the big screen realizing the opportunity.

When is that? ‘Not before next year. Many said to go down tomorrow. But that is not possible. There is a matter of preparation. However, we have finalized the plan early next year, ”said Nisho.Afran Nisho

Afran Nisho
Photo: Collected

Nisho did not act in the play of Eid-ul-Fitr due to the second wave of Corona. The actor has recently started working for Eid-ul-Azha. Vicky Zayed has been shooting a one-hour drama called Rebirth since yesterday. Mehjabin Chowdhury is acting opposite Nishor in the play.