June 19, 2021


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Covid 19, Another immortal day in Chittagong in Corona (Dhaka, Lakshmipur)

Chittagong passed another immortal day in Corona. No one has died in Chittagong in the last 24 hours. At the same time, new corona has been identified in the bodies of 98 people. Corona detection rate is about 10 percent compared to the test.

This information was mentioned in the latest report on corona sent from the District Civil Surgeon’s Office on Saturday morning. According to official figures, 53,960 corona have been identified in Chittagong so far. And 628 people died in Chittagong in Corona. According to the District Civil Surgeon’s Office, 991 corona samples were tested in the last 24 hours.

In the last 24 hours, 45 people have been identified in the city. There are 52 people in different upazilas outside the city. Of the people killed in Corona in Chittagong so far, 447 have died in the city. Another 18 people died in different upazilas.

Earlier, no one was killed in Chittagong on Friday. The detection rate that day was 10 percent. Corona was identified as 110 people.

It may be mentioned that the first corona patient was identified on April 3 last year in Chittagong. Then on April 9, the first person died of corona.

A total of lockdown in Naogaon municipality area and Niamatpur upazila and strict restrictions in three more upazilas of the district are going on for the third day today to prevent corona infection.

The movement of people on the roads has increased a bit compared to the two days before the lockdown. Due to the activities of the police and the administration, the movement of vehicles and people on the main roads of Naogaon municipal city is less, but many people are roaming freely on the roads of the neighborhood. Today, on Saturday, the scene can be seen in different areas of Naogaon city and Chhatra Bazar of Niamatpur upazila.

In the morning, Ukilpara, Hat-Naogaon, Chakdevpara and Par-Naogaon of Naogaon city can be seen, rickshaws, autorickshaws, vans, motorcycles and other vehicles are running on the road. The movement of people and vehicles has increased as compared to the last two days. Most of the shops in these neighborhoods are open. However, the movement of people is less as there are police checkpoints at the main roads of the city. The drivers and passengers of the vehicles have to face police interrogation in these check posts.

At around 9 am, the shops in the Bihari Colony area of ​​the city were seen to be closed. When the police car left, the shop was reopened. Kamal Hossain was selling vegetables in Bihari Colony Bazaar without a face mask like many others. Explaining not wearing a mask, he said, ‘What will happen after the mask? Can death be prevented after wearing a mask? ‘

At around 11 am, the situation in Chatra Bazar of Niamatpur Upazila was almost normal. There was a lot of presence of people at the paddy market. Most people do not have a mask on their face.

Naogaon Deputy Civil Surgeon Manjur A Morshed said, “If people are not aware, no matter how many lockdowns or restrictions are imposed, it will not work.” We all have to pay the price for such indifference of the people. The imposition of restrictions will at least save lives, even if it is a temporary hardship. With this feeling, we should all follow proper hygiene rules.

Corona infection is slightly reduced

In the last 24 hours, corona has been identified in the bodies of two new people in Naogaon district. Both of them are residents of Hat-Naogaon area of ​​Naogaon municipality.

Analyzing the data obtained from the Civil Surgeon’s Office, it is seen that from May 20 to May 31, the corona of 159 people was identified in 495 sample tests. The detection rate is 32.12 percent. In the three days from last Tuesday to Thursday, 169 samples were tested and 46 corona were identified. The detection rate is 26.25 percent.

There is no ICU in any hospital in Naogaon

There is no intensive care unit (ICU) in any of the public and private hospitals including the corona unit of the 250-bed Naogaon Sadar Modern Hospital for the treatment of corona patients in Naogaon.

Talking to several medical officers on duty at the Corona Unit, it was learned that as there was no ICU bed in any hospital in Naogaon, the complicated patients suffering from Corona had to be sent to Rajshahi or Bogra hospitals. But due to the lack of modern facilities in the ambulances used for transporting the patients, their physical condition became more complicated when they were taken to Rajshahi or Bogra. As a result, the risk of their death increased.

Saiful Islam, a resident of Chakdevpara area of ​​Naogaon, is undergoing treatment at the Corona Unit of Naogaon Sadar Hospital. This morning I talked to Saiful Islam’s son Sabbir Rahman on the hospital premises. He said, ‘I admitted my father to the hospital on June 1. Dad has been having severe shortness of breath since last night. Even after giving oxygen artificially, shortness of breath does not decrease. Doctors say he must now be taken to the ICU bed. Dad has to be taken to Rajshahi or Bogra today for ICU bed. If there was ICU facility in Naogaon hospital, this suffering would not have been borne.