August 4, 2021


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American black girl in the throes of marriage came to Chandpur in love!

Love is tied to a colorful thread. Now nothing can stand in the way of caste, religion or caste. For example, the marriage of Jones Junabachan, a young black woman from the United States, to Shahadat Hossain of Bangladesh. This black girl from far away United States came to Bangladesh out of love. Then she married her girlfriend’s husband’s elder brother.

The marriage took place at noon on Saturday (June 5) in Raldia village of Ashikati union in Chandpur Sadar. Daughter Jones is the girlfriend of Shahadat’s younger brother’s wife living in the United States.

The marriage took place at Pradhania Bari in Raldia village of Chandpur Sadar upazila. However, only the bride was alone at the wedding, but her relatives and friends were present at the groom’s house.

Meanwhile, the issue of the American girl coming to Chandpur out of love has given rise to a wide discussion in the area. Crowds flock to the wedding to see the newlyweds. Foreign wife in the village house. Hundreds of men and women have gathered at Pradhania’s house since Saturday afternoon to witness such a scene.

According to relatives, Shahadat’s younger brother Abu Zafar lived in Dubai. Then he fell in love with an American woman. They later married and moved to the United States. Based on this, Shahadat fell in love with Abu Jafar’s wife’s girlfriend Jones Junabachan while he was in Malaysia. Later they planned the wedding. A few days ago they came to the country for marriage. In a few days they will go abroad again.

It is learned that Shahadat Hossain tied the knot with his girlfriend Jones Zionbachan, an American citizen, in the presence of a limited number of relatives at his home on Saturday afternoon according to Islamic Sharia.

After the marriage, the groom Shahadat Hossain and the bride Jones Zinabachan said in an initial response, “Our love has lasted for several years.” But how and when. That story is not today, I will tell it later. Finally, they pray for happiness in the days to come.

Billal Hossain Master, chairman of Ashikati Union Parishad, said, “I did not attend the wedding.” However, I am aware of the incident.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Chandpur Sadar Model Police Station Abdur Rashid said such a marriage was arranged with a foreign woman. However, neither the police nor the administration is aware of the matter. Even then, inquiries are being made to find out the details.