June 18, 2021


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Azharuddin posted a picture of his first friend in cricket life!

Mohammad Azharuddin is considered one of the most successful captains in the history of India. The former India batsman is currently immersed in the pages of memory. A few days ago, he posted a picture of his old bat on social media. “With this bat, I set a world record of 100 in three consecutive Tests against England in 1984-85,” he said. I scored more than 600 runs in one season with this bat. That bat that my grandfather chose. ‘

This time Mohammad Azharuddin posted another picture. That is a picture of a scooter. Azharuddin is sitting in the Bajaj scooter number ATI 634. He took some pictures on a scooter and posted them on Twitter. Although the model is old, Azhar has left this scooter with great care. But why?

In fact, Azhar reached the peak of success by riding this scooter. Many of his memories are associated with this scooter. It can be said that this is the friend of Azhar who went from being an ordinary cricketer to becoming the most successful captain of India. He has taken care of his best friend and arranged it in the garage of his house. Azhar is still written in his headlight. Even today, Ahzaruddin rides around on this scooter.

He also gave a nice caption by posting this picture. Azhar writes, ‘Memories of the first days of my life, when I got this scooter in recognition of my talent. It was a great luxury then compared to those lucky days of walking or cycling mile after mile to get to practice at the stadium. ‘