June 20, 2021


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No need to go to the land office

It is rare that he has a piece of land but he has never had to suffer. The notoriety of corruption in this sector is very old. There are many land related cases in the country. However, the government wants an end to all this. The whole land management is being digitized to make it free from harassment including simplification of land services. Concerned people say that no land owner has to go to the land office anymore.

They say that if land management is digitized, many complications will be removed. They are hoping that corruption and irregularities will also come down to zero. Their commentary, land sale, registration, namjari, payment of land rent or land development tax, khas or abandoned land, lease of pond or hat-bazaar, transfer of warisan land, mortgage of land — there will be no more suffering. In a word, the issue of ‘whose land is his record’ will be confirmed.

Land service week started on June 8 and will end on June 10. On this occasion, the pace of digitization project has also increased. The manual system for payment of land development tax is to be discontinued from next July. However, the matter may go back a bit, the concerned said.

According to land ministry sources, landowners can pay land rent (land development tax) from anywhere in the world in a digitized manner. For this, a software called Land Information Management System (LIMS) with 10 modules has been developed. Modules include Land Registration Management, Land Development Tax Management, Land Registration Review Management, Land Miss Case Management, Budget Management, Rent Certificate Management System etc. All the work of the waist is in the last stage.

According to the source, the challenging aspect of this project is to digitize the ledgers. In order to increase awareness, advertisements are being spread in TV and daily newspapers. It is being urged not to give information quickly by naming. Otherwise the ownership of the land in the name of the deceased ancestors will go up.

Dhaka Deputy Commissioner in this regard. Shahidul Islam told Kaler Kantha, “The first task of this project is to digitize the ledger of mutations of all lands i.e. mutated ledger, survey ledger. For this work, training has been given to the concerned starting from AC (Land). In addition, online activities have been started experimentally in 16-17 areas. There is a project in Savar mouza where rent is being paid online.

Claiming to be successful so far, he said, “The land whose records are being digitized for such simplification. Online spots, the owner’s information will come as soon as the ledger is pressed.

Barguna Deputy Commissioner Habibur Rahman told Kaler Kantha that the biggest change is that all types of services will be available online. There will be two things through this — the notoriety of illegal transactions in the land office will go away and any citizen will be able to pay taxes from anywhere in the world. Apart from this, you will be able to know the latest status of purchase and sale of land. You can also see if the naming of his land is correct. ‘

If you want to know the Secretary of the Ministry of Land. Mostafizur Rahman told Kaler Kantha last Sunday, ‘Information will be collected according to the voter ID of the person by updating the information online. If there is also a mistake in the voter ID, there will be an opportunity to correct it in terms of application. If we go to get all the people’s information, then it is a matter of time. For this reason, the citizens are working to register themselves on their own initiative. “The issue is challenging, but not impossible,” he said. A lot of work has gone ahead. Don’t just do it, we want people to no longer have to go to the land office. For this, all kinds of work is being done online.

Mostafizur Rahman said that all the new names have already been collected. There are 4 crore 8 lakh preachers in the data collection. Those who have information in their collection will be able to view and download it from anywhere by visiting a specific website, he said.

According to sources, the land ministry has informed all the district administrations in a letter that the owner has to register in the application first to pay the land tax online. Must register once. For this you have to go to www.land.gov.bd and www.ldtex.gov.bd and give your voter ID, mobile phone number and date of birth. Or you can register through any Union Digital Center using National Identity Card (NID). In this case, mobile number, passport size photo, NID, copy of previous submission and if necessary, copy of ledger and documents can be taken and registered free of cost. If you can’t do any of these, call 333 or 16122 and if you give NID, date of birth and land information through the call center, registration will be done.

Incidentally, the government took the initiative about three years ago to bring services to the doorsteps of the people by modernizing land management through digitization. In recent months, the government’s initiative has been moving forward rapidly. Meanwhile, the land ministry has signed a memorandum of understanding with mobile banking service providers Cash, Upaya, Ekpe and Bikash. Any fee for land service can be paid from any branch of these service centers.