June 18, 2021


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Bangladesh random in Suniljhar

Suddenly a big tunnel was built to protect the glory of Bangladesh. Sunil Chhetri took the match for India by attacking twice from that tunnel. The red-green disappointment story was written in Doha after the Indian forward lost 2-0 with a pair of goals.

Sunil Chhetri repeatedly flared up against Bangladesh. In 2013, the forward drew a goal match at the last minute in the net of Bangladesh, which was leading by one goal in Kathmandu SAF football. A year later, Sunil disappointed Bangladesh, which was also in the lead in a friendly match in Goa. Although he was goalless in the World Cup qualifiers in Kolkata, this experienced forward has again appeared in a terrible form and has nailed the nail of despair in Bangladesh football. Red-green has poured water in the hopes of qualifying for the World Cup and the Asian Cup. And India’s Croatian coach Igor Istimach, who is at risk, has been given the gift of victory.     

The first 10 minutes are completely unknown Bangladesh. Forgetting Jamie Day’s traditional defensive tactics, the Matin-Rakibs are on the offensive. He made India angry by playing pressing football. However, there was no plan in the attack, no one could become terrible. Rakib Hossain played the opposite terrible. Brendon Fernandez was fouled in the second minute and was shown a yellow card for threatening the team. Later, he frightened her by committing a few more fouls, but nothing big happened. After 10 minutes of surprise, India played slowly. In the 15th minute, a great defensive pass was seen at Brendon’s feet. Manbir Singh broke the offside trap and caught the ball but the defender finally cleared it. In the 35th minute, Riyadul Rafi, the strong head of single Singh, returned the corner kick to the woman and put the team in the match. India’s corner kick means a lot of danger. Their tall footballers head in awe, That was also seen in the second half. Earlier in the 39th minute, however, the Indian goalkeeper took the innocent head grip of Tareq Qazi in Rahmat’s long throw. This is the only goal shot by Bangladesh before going to the break.

After the break, the match became sunny. The defense of Bangladesh has such a reputation. The Tapu-Riyadh-Rahmatras were repeatedly defeated for flying in the air. Sunil Chhetri remains unmarked. Brendon’s free-kick was first seen in the 63rd minute. Standing in the gap, this forward headed out and was saved in that journey. But he did not make a mistake in 69 minutes. He puts the cross sent from the left side of Ashik Kournian from the solid corner in the post. Tapu and Rahmat looked at the ball with sad eyes. Following that cross from far behind, Tapu, the goal scorer of the previous match, left Sunil unmarked. After falling behind in the previous match, Bangladesh could not do the way it came back. The Indians played cautiously, giving no place to attack. Reverse injury time digests another goal. This time leftback Rahmat defeated Suresh Singh, his cutback Sunil easily defeated Anisur Rahman from inside the box.

After seven years, Bangladesh football is random again.