June 18, 2021


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Babungari Amir, Secretary General Jihadi

A 33-member full committee has been announced to retain Junaid Babungari as the Amir of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh, a Qaumi Madrasa-based organization. Nurul Islam Jihadi has been appointed as the secretary general of the new committee. The rest of the arrested Hefazat leaders, including Mamunul Haque, were not included in the committee. Yusuf Madani, the eldest son of the late Amir Shah Ahmad Shafi of Hifazat, has been made assistant secretary general of the committee. However, the Shafi faction has rejected the new central committee.

Secretary General Nurul Islam Jihadi announced the new committee at a press conference held at Makhjanul Uloom Madrasa at Khilgaon crossroads on Monday morning.

Asked by reporters whether the committee was happy or not, Nurul Islam Jihadi said, “We are all happy. But we have a fear in our minds, whether we will be able to fulfill our responsibilities properly.

Meanwhile, after the announcement of the committee yesterday, Maulana Yusuf Madani informed about the rejection in a letter. Former central leaders of Hefazat, who took a stand against the committee announced yesterday, have called a meeting at the National Press Club on June 18. Hefazat’s counter-committee may be announced at the meeting, sources said. Scholars including two sons of the late Allama Ahmad Shafi, Maulana Yusuf Madani and Maulana Anas Madani are expected to attend the meeting.

When asked, former joint secretary general of Hifazat Maulana Moinuddin Ruhi said, “We have rejected the new committee announced today (yesterday). This committee is against the principles and ideals of the founder Amir Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi. This is the new version of Fatikchhari Committee.

Naib Amir has become 9 members in the 33-member central committee. They are Ataullah Hafezji, Maulana Abdul Haq Momenshahi, Maulana Salahuddin Nanupuri, Principal Mianur Rahman Chowdhury (Peer Dewan), Maulana Muhibbul Haque (Gachbari, Sylhet), Maulana Yahya (Hathazari Madrasa), Maulana (Mawlana) (Pir Sahib Firoz Shah) and Maulana Mufti Jasimuddin (Hathazari Madrasa).

Maulana Sajedur Rahman (Brahmanbaria), Maulana Abdul Awal (Narayanganj), Maulana Lokman Hakim (Chittagong), Maulana Anwarul Karim (Jessore) and Maulana Ayub Babungari have been appointed as joint secretaries general.

Maulana Zahurul Islam (Makhjan) and Maulana Yusuf Madani (son of Allama Shafi) have been made Assistant Secretaries General.

Organizing Secretary Maulana Mir Idris (Chittagong), Finance Secretary Maulana Mufti Muhammad Ali (Mekhal), Assistant Finance Secretary Mufti Habibur Rahman Kasemi (Nazirhat), Publicity Secretary Maulana Muhiuddin Rabbani (Savar), Joint Publicity Secretary Maulana Jamal Uddin (Kurigram) Secretary Maulana Abdul Qayyum Sobhani (Dhaka) and Assistant Dawa Secretary Maulana Omar Farooq (Noakhali).

The members of the committee are Maulana Mubarakullah (Brahmanbaria), Maulana Faizullah (Pir, Madaninagar), Maulana Forkanullah Khalil (Darul Ma’aref, Chittagong), Maulana Mushtaq Ahmed (Khulna Darmanl Uloom), Maulana Rashid Ahmed (Maulana) ), Maulana Mahmudul Hasan (Fatehpuri) and Maulana Mahmudul Alam (Panchagarh).

Nurul Islam Jihadi said that the Khas Committee will be considered as a shura in the Majlis. They will be considered as the main planners of custody. Besides, the khas committee will be able to take decision in case of immediate need.

The Khas Committee consists of Muhibullah Babungari, Junaid Babungari, Ataullah Hafezji, Nurul Islam, Mianur Rahman Chowdhury (Pir Dewan), Sajedur Rahman (Brahmanbaria), Allama Muhibbul Haque (Gachbari, Sylhet), Abdul Awal (Narainganj). .

Jihadi further said that in future, the chairman of each district committee will be ex-officio member of the central committee. Besides, the president and secretary of the district committee should be apolitical person.

Besides, an 18-member advisory committee of Hefazat was also announced. The members of this committee are Muhibullah Babungari (Chief Adviser), Mufti Abdus Salam (Chatgami), Sultan Yaok Nadvi, Abdul Halim Bokhari (Patia), Nurul Islam Adib (Feni), Abdul Malek Halim, Abdur Rahman Hafizji (Momenshahi), Rash. Barnavi, Nurul Haque Batgram (Comilla), Abul Kalam (Mohammadpur), Shibbir Ahmad (Noakhali), Jalal Ahmad (Bhujpur), Allama Ashek Elahi (Ujani), Habibullah Babungari, Abdur Bashir (Sunamganj) and Afzalur Rahman (Feni).

Asked why the last committee was dissolved, Nurul Islam said the situation arose after discussing with the then Amir Ulama Kirams. Asked whether those who are in jail have been included in the committee as criminals, the secretary general of the newly elected committee said, “We do not have the power to convict anyone. The court may consider the offender. We want the release of the arrested leaders of Hefazat.

Yusuf Madani, the eldest son of Amir Ahmad Shafi, the founder of Hefazat, has got a place in your committee. He told reporters that the committee does not agree. Asked to comment on the matter, Nurul Islam said, “He told us that he was in the committee. He told reporters that he did not agree with the committee. We were not told anything like that. ‘

Asked whether the division with Hefazat’s Shafi’is has been resolved, he said, “Islam in Hefazat is one. There is no other custody. And we have no news of the rebellion.

Amir, most of the leaders including the Secretary General are from Chittagong: 15 leaders including the Amir, Secretary General of the new 33-member Central Committee of Hefazat are from Chittagong. Apart from this, six members of the 18-member advisory committee including the chief adviser and three members including the head of the 9-member central khas (council shura) committee are from Chittagong. In all, out of the total 57 members of these three committees of the organization, 24 are from Chittagong. Among them, Maulana Yusuf Madani, the eldest son of the late Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi, the founder of Hifazat, got the post of Assistant Secretary General in the Central Committee, but his younger son, former publicity secretary Maulana Anas Madani and other Shafi followers did not find a place.

Earlier, on the night of April 25, Allama Hafeez Junaid Babungari, the then Amir of the 201-member Central and Dhaka Metropolitan Committee, had dissolved the organization. On the same night, a partial convening committee of five members of Hefazat was formed by convening Babungari. Out of the five members of this committee, the convener, member secretary and four others had their homes in Chittagong. Since they are all relatives of Babungari, the followers of Allama Shafi raised many questions from the very beginning.

Out of the three committees announced yesterday, five members of the last convening committee have got various important posts. Hafez Junaid Babungari Amir, Hafez Nurul Islam Jihadi Secretary General, Salahuddin Nanupuri Nayeb Amir and Principal Mianur Rahman Chowdhury Nayeb Amir. Muhibullah Babungari has been appointed as an 18-member advisor and head of the 9-member Central Khas Committee.