July 29, 2021


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Most of the deaths in the border districts are in the Delta variant

In the country, 935 people died in one month due to corona. And the border division Rajshahi has seen the highest number of deaths in this one month. Where now the patients affected by the Indian Delta variant of Corona are more. However, the health department or the relevant research institute has not yet been able to find out the exact number or percentage of deaths due to Delta variants. However, some people are of the opinion that if 80 percent of the delta variants are affected, then the death rate should be affected at the same rate. Rajshahi Medical College Hospital has been experiencing the highest number of deaths for a few days now.

Rajshahi Medical College Hospital Director. Shamim Yazdani said, ‘We don’t have any facility of genome sequencing here yet. We send some samples of those who are not positive to IEDCR in Dhaka. They have already done research there and found that 80 percent of them contain delta variants. But then we don’t know exactly which patients or car samples have that variant. As a result, we do not understand who among those who were dying was affected by that variant.

“The idea is that since we have more delta variants in these areas, most of the victims who have died as a result of the complexities will probably be delta variants,” the official said.

The same thing was said by the Chief Scientific Officer of the Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR). ASM Alamgir. Genome sequencing of each sample is not possible, he said. And when the social infection of this one variant occurs, most of the people who are infected and dying in that area can be considered to be infected with the same variant on a scientific basis.

Analyzing the data of the Department of Health for the last one month, it is seen that till May 9, 11,934 people died due to corona in the country. It increased to 12,069 people till Monday. In other words, 935 people have died in this one month. The highest mortality rate was 14.30 percent in Rajshahi (623 to 628 people), 13.62 percent in Sylhet (412 to 47), 11.46 percent in Khulna (625 to 619) and 11.7 percent in Rangpur (434 to 47). , 10.49 per cent in Chittagong (2209 to 246), 7.94 per cent (362 to 369) in Barisal, 7.69 per cent in Mymensingh (246 to 265) and the lowest in Dhaka at 4.33 per cent (6922 to 6236). Although the highest number of 935 out of 935 people in Dhaka, 259 people in Chittagong, 104 people in Rajshahi, 94 people in Khulna, 75 people in Sylhet, 54 people in Rangpur, 26 died in Barisal and 18 in Mymensingh. Experts say that there is no change in the death rate in the country considering the age. According to their data, the death rate is the same as before. Fifty people are still at the highest risk of death. Infections are still more prevalent among young people than ever before. People aged 15-45 are most affected, with the highest incidence being between 25-34 years.

The latest data analysis shows that 71 percent of the total deaths in Corona so far in the country are people over 50 years of age. Even 70 percent of the 30 people who died yesterday were in their fifties (24), and the other six were between 31-50 years old. Of the total deaths, 0.39 per cent were under 10 years of age, 0.64 per cent for 11-20 years, 1.61 per cent for 21-30 years, 5.03 per cent for 31-40 years and 11.13 per cent for 41-50 years. .